The power of corded and petrol-powered equipment

… with substantial health and safety benefits along with significantly reduced running costs.

Less emissions

Less noise

Less vibration

Less maintenance

Milwaukee have once again broken the barriers in cordless technology, with the launch of MX FUEL™. The latest addition to their already impressive range, not only provides the power of corded and petrol-powered equipment, but also boasts substantial health and safety benefits along with significantly reduced running costs.

The latest MX FUEL™ batteries leverage the best-performing and highest-quality lithium-ion technology to offer an alternative solution to traditional petrol powered plant and equipment. The elimination of fumes and emissions ensures there are no harmful gasses created in the working environment. This allows users to confidently work indoors, in trenches, in tunnels or even in mines… whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition, the MX FUEL™ range operates effectively with much reduced noise and vibration levels, when compared to traditional petrol driven alternatives. Fuel and maintenance costs associated with the running of petrol equipment are also eliminated.

The first MX FUEL™ products to be launched in the UK are as follows:
MXF COS350: 350mm Cut-off Saw, also known as a 14” disc cutter. Traditionally a two-stroke product – battery technology eliminates the need to accurately mix petrol and oil on-site.
MXF DH2528H: 25 kg Demolition Hammer or road breaker; capable of breaking up an impressive two tons of concrete on one single battery charge.
MXF DCD150: Diamond Core Drill with the capability of coring up to 152mm diameter. The drill can be mounted to a drill stand or used handheld thanks to the patented AUTOSTOP™ clutch.
MXF TL: Tower Light, can be set-up in just 10 seconds to a maximum height of 3.1 metres. The portable and transportable light is capable of emitting a massive 27,000 lumens of light.
MXF LSDP: Large Sewer Drum Machine with integrated POWERTREDZ™ feature, that allows one single person to move the 56 kg sewer machine in and out of vehicles or up and down stairs.

As one of the largest and most respected dealers in the UK, Protrade have been selected by Milwaukee to be an accredited MX FUEL™ Centre, with excellent stocks, demonstration equipment and exclusive 0% finance options.

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