Avesta 308L/MVR-3D Electrodes for Stainless Steel

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Avesta

  • AVESTA 308L/MVR has a rutile‐acid type coating, which provides very good weldability when working with both positive pole DC and AC.

    The electrode is characterized by a steady arc with very little spatter, high welding speed and easy slag removal.

    It produces a smooth concave weld surface in a horizontal fillet weld, which improves the resistance to fatigue.


    A flat weld surface is obtained in butt welds and this reduces grinding costs.

    AVESTA 308L/MVR is primarily designed for welding Austenitic stainless steel of the ASTM 304 and 304L type and offers maximum resistance to inter granular corrosion.

    It can also be used with good results for welding Titanium and Niobium stabilized steels, such as ASTM 321 and 347, when the welded component will be operating at temperatures not exceeding 400°C.

    AVESTA 308L/MVR should be welded using a short arc or with its coating sliding along the work piece.

    DC current positive polarity is preferable.

    The electrode has a very stable arc over the whole current range.

    To ensure good penetration it is often advantageous to tack weld with a somewhat larger gap than when using rutile or basic electrodes.


    EN 1600 E 19 9 L R

    AWS A5.4 E 308L‐17

    Mechanical properties:

    Yield strength, Rp0.2: 440 N/mm2, 320 N/mm2

    Tensile strength: Rm: 570 N/mm2, 510 N/mm2

    Elongation A5: 37 %, 30 %

    Impact strength, KV   +20°C, 60 J / 40°C, 55 J

    Hardness approx. 200 Brinell