Leica Disto 3D Laser Distance Measurer

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Leica

  • The Leica Disto 3D Laser Distance Measurer is a robust, precisely manufactured measuring instrument. A highly accurate combination of distance and angle measures determine the precise position of each point targeted with the integral camera and captured with the laser beam. The 3D Disto detects the location and the height of the target point.


    Automatic as-built capture: Room layouts or focus areas, such as archways are easily captured with the 3D Disto. Start and finish point for the data capture need to be defined, the interval of the measurements has to be set and the 3D Disto will complete the measurements automatically. The model can then be transferred in various formats and can be further processed in CAD.

    Creating CAD templates: It is important to capture accurate data in order to cut expensive materials with confidence. Data captured by the 3D Disto, for example, can be directly transferred to a CNC machine for material cutting. This eliminates the time consuming and often very costly process of creating hand-crafted templates.

    Capture as-built measurements: The 3D Disto accurately captures 3D models with the precision needed for further planning. This makes it an easy and straightforward task to create as-built records of ceiling, floor, and roof surfaces; volumes; slopes; height differences; angles; and much more.

    Work in 3D: All measurement data is immediately displayed in 3D at the point when it is captured. This allows for an instant on-site sense check of the captured data.

    Easy positioning: The rugged, non-slip sensor can be placed on any stable surface or mounted on a tripod (self-levelling ± 3 degrees). If you need to move the device to capture additional data, the 3D Disto is easily relocated by a clearly defined and guided process.

    Layout points (projector): The 3D Disto supports the BIM-to-Field process by using existing plans and importing those into the 3D Disto software. The 3D Disto will then project one point after the other to floor, walls and ceilling. This, for example, can be used to precisely locate points needed for complex light installations.



    Measuring Range: Up to 50m

    Measuring Units: m, ft, in

    Distance in m: 10, 30m / 30, 100ft

    Ø of the laser dot in mm: 7×7 mm, 9×15 mm / 0.28 x 0.28 in, 0.35 x 0.6 in

    SmartBase vertical range: 360°

    SmartBase horizontal range: -80° to > 90°

    Levelling Range: ± 3°

    Pointfinder with Zoom: 8 x

    File Format: .jpg

    Water Jet Protection & Dust-Tight: IP54

    Batteries: Li-ion Rechargeable

    Dimensions: Ø 187 × 215.5 mm / 7.36 x 8.48 in

    Charging Time: 7 h

    Weight: 2.8kg

    Included as Standard: Power Supply, Ruler for Offset Points, GZM3 Target Plate, USB Cable, Self-Adhesive Target Marks, RM100 Remote Control, USB Stick, Safety Manual, Quick Start & Case.

    3 Years Warranty on all Leica Measuring Equipment when registered.