Maxitek XBC Broaching Cutters – Standard Series

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Maxitek

  • Maxitek XBC Xtreme Broaching Cutters – standard series; up to 25mm cutting depth.

    Unique geometry makes the XBC cutter last up to 50% longer than other brands of broaching cutters.

    Up to 25% faster drilling time than other brands of broaching cutters.

    Manufactured from M2 high speed steel for consistent performance levels.

    Annular hole cutting is the fastest most efficient way of drilling metal with no burrs.

    No pilot drilling or step drilling is required.

    Existing holes can be over-lapped.

    Use with an industry standard 1/4" pilot to eject the ‘slug’ (nb. 12mm diameter cutters take a different pilot).

    Standard 3/4" weldon shank for use with most popular brands of broaching machines.

    XBC cutters suit a wide range of applications throughout many industries including construction, engineering, mining, petro-chemical, gas, oil, ship building and railways.