Weco Discovery 221 AC/ DC Air Cooled TIG Inverter

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Weco

  • Discovery 221 AC/DC introduces new technological solutions in order to reduce the harmonic current emissions in line with future International Standards. This standard is designed to increase the power inverter efficiency and to reduce the input current by more than 20%, the same welding deposit is achieved with less electrical power, less total power and less CO2 emissions.


    The Q START (Quick start) function facilitates the joining of the parts in the initial stage of the welding process. On activating this function the machine automatically switches to synergic pulsed mode for a pre-set time. The resulting pulses create movement of the molten metal on the two sheet metal edges thereby accelerating formation of the join. This function is invaluable in the case of seams with slight openings or with irregular preparation. The duration of the series of pulses can be adjusted, (from 0.1 to 10 second) depending on the thickness and shape of the sheet to be welded.

    The Q-Spot (Quick Spot) function makes it possible to minimize tacking times for light gauge sheet metal. The operator conveniently places the tungsten electrode on the fixing point, thereby obtaining perfect control of the position of the join. Once the electrode has been lifted the machine emits a very high intensity welding current pulse with a very short pre-set time (from 0.01 Sec to 1 Sec). The pulse time varies depending on the type of sheet metal to be joined. In this way the welded point closes instantly with minimum heat transfer, leaving the metal white, clean and almost cold.

    The DYNAMIC ARC function makes it possible to keep the product of Voltage x Current constant. The power source increases the welding current as the arc voltage decreases and reduces the welding current if the arc voltage increases. The DynARC value can be adjusted from a minimum of 10 amps to a maximum of 50 amps at each 1 Volt variation, whether positive or negative.

    Welding benefits of the DynARC function: Faster welding with less plastic deformation of the welded part. Increased vertex angle penetration, heat input concentrated exclusively on the weld and not on the surrounding area. Less oxidation of the part and hence reduced post-welding reworking costs, Improved control of the first root pass, reduced risk of the electrode sticking when it touches the weld puddle and the facility to work with the electrode very close to the weld puddle in order to concentrate the arc.

    The MULTITACK system makes it possible to reduce heat output while joining two light gauge parts (0.6mm – 0.8mm). The series of arc strikes at short time intervals allows the material to cool during the pause between one strike and the other and thus minimizes its deformation. The facility to adjust the frequency of the series of arc strikes in the time unit makes it possible to adapt the electric arc to the welding speed and the joint geometry.

    This function MIX AC/DC makes it possible to modulate the welding current, alternating a half-period of TIG AC with a half-period of TIG DC-. This means that the efficacy of AC TIG

    welding can be combined with the high penetration of DC TIG welding, thus obtaining high welding speed and creating the weld puddle rapidly on a cold work piece. It is also possible to weld heavier gauges with lower amperage, since the DC- portion is far higher than when using an entirely AC waveform. The operators adjustable parameter is the percentage of AC wave form compared to DC- waveform over the entire period, which can be varied from 10% to 80%.Main benefits of MIX AC/DC are;

    Welding of heavy gauge sheets with lower current than necessary when using an exclusively AC supply.

    Very fast execution thanks to the high percentage of DC – current present in the period.

    Very fast creation of the weld puddle (ideal for facing of tools, dies and heavy gauge castings) welding of extremely diverse thickness sheets (1 mm to 10 mm) It is good practice never to exceed the value of 50% DC – waveform, which would otherwise impair pickling of the part and the appearance of the weld bead.

    Extra Fusion This function makes it possible to shift the waveform towards the negative part with respect to zero, making it possible to create a highly penetrative and precise fusion bath

    so that very light gauge sheets can be welded with an electrode tip comparable to that of an electrode for DC – TIG welding. The adjustable value in our AC/DC TIG power sources ranges from 0% to 80% (with respect to the DC – half-wave percentage).The Extra Fusion function is not recommended when welding heavy gauges because the DC+ component is insufficient to ensure optimal cleaning (pickling) of the part during the welding process.

    Weco Special HF control provides100% rapid and precise arc ignition.

    Friendly-user digital interface allows precise parameters setting and includes 50 program memories.

    Standard functions include Pre Gas, Post Gas, Up Slope, Down Slope, Start Current and Final Current.

    A wide range of adjustable pulse frequency together with extra parameters control (Base Current and Duty Cycle) allow operating in slow pulse and fast pulse.

    Trigger control sets 2T/4T/Bi-Level and Spot Welding.

    Adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force and automatic Anti Sticking facilitate operations with up to 6mm diameter electrodes in MMA welding.

    Fan on demand and Built-in Wind Tunnel protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness and improves reliability.


    Mains Voltage: 1 x 240Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz

    Mains Protection: TIG 16 Amps / MMA 25 Amps

    Welding Modes: TIG.

    Current Range: 5 Amps – 220 Amps.

    Working Cycle: (40°C) 160 Amps @ 100%

    Welding Mode: MMA.

    Current Range: 10A – 300 Amps.

    Working Cycle (40°C): 120 Amps @ 100%

    Size (L x D x H): 460 x 230 x 325mm.

    Weight: 19.5kg

    Supplied with: Tigama 26FX 8 meter switched & sheathed TIG torch, 2 gauge single stage Argon regulator, flowmeter, 3 meter 35mm welding cable with 35/50mm dinse connector and 200 Amps Nevada type earth clamp,

                      3 meter heavy duty gas hose and fittings.