Weco Pioneer 321MKS Compact Pulse MIG Air Cooled

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Weco

  • The Pioneer Pulse 321 Pulse HSL is a special function MIG/MAG pulse welding machine, characterized by a very short intense arc, making it very easy to manage by the welder.

    The MIG/ MAG processes, include Manual Synergic, Pulse Synergic and Double Pulse Synergic. The Pulse Synergic and Double Pulse Synergic modes guarantee an excellent bead appearance with the reduction of spatter and deformation for MIG/MAG welding on aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel materials.

    The benefits of Pulse HSL;

    1.  Higher execution speed: the high dynamics applied to the pulsation of HSL Pulse arc gives an extremely focused arc that increases the fluidity and precision of transfer as well as the wettability of joints. This allows the operator to proceed faster with the torch offering time savings of up to 35%.
    1.  Higher deposition rates: the high dynamics applied to the pulse of the Pulse HSL arc allows for increased wire’s speed whilst maintaining similar current values to welding  in Standard Pulse. The increase of wire quantity into the pool increases consequently the weight of deposit in the unit of time (Kg/h).
    1.  Lower heat input and less plastic deformation: with the Pulse HSL heat input is lower than Standard Pulse by up to 35%
    1.  Better mechanical properties: in tests carried out the tensile strengths values in the Pure Deposit and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) are much higher in Standard Pulse. This means that a higher heat input increased considerably tensile strengths. With HSL Pulse, hardness and tensile strengths are in line with the class of the base metal and therefore the heat input is non influential in the welded material.
    1.  Higher penetration with lower risk of lack of fusion: the penetration obtained with HSL Pulse is considerably higher compare to Standard Pulse. Moreover the weld face is smoother thanks to the excellent joint wettability.
    1.  Lower production costs and depreciation: with the higher execution speed combined with the higher deposition rate reduce remarkably both welding times and working costs. With reduced possibility of defects on the material and almost no need of reworking allow an always better amortization.

    The benefits of Power Focus:

    1. The difference between standard MIG/MAG welding and Power Focus is to be found on the concentration and precision of the arc. The concentration on the Power Focus mode allows for the high arc temperature to be focalized precisely on the middle of the deposition, avoiding overheating on the weld edges.
    1. The main property of the standard arc is to be found on its high stability both during the short arc and the spray arc phase. In most commercialized welding machines, a transition phase called Globular phase is present. This welding mode is normally characterized by an unstable arc which is very difficult to be handle, thus normally causing a greater amount of spatter. The Power Focus arc improves all the three arc phases, in short arc you can obtain an extremely stable and viscous arc with almost the TOTAL ABSENCE OF SPATTER. During Globular by Power Focus the arc maintains a very stable and ordered spatter transfer, as a result of this it is possible to obtain a very regular weld.
    1. On butt welding applications the Power Focus arc remains concentrated in the exact middle of the bevel joint, so that full penetration is achieved. In this way it is possible to work on very narrow bevel joints, which demands less mechanical preparation and of course, also less filling passes reducing production costs.


    A wide range of MIG/MAG synergic programs facilitate the fast selection of precise welding parameters using a wide selection of welding wires. Synergic curves can easily set by material type, wire diameter and shielded gas type, the welding parameters are then easily set by either wire speed, amps or material thickness.

    3T special function allows both hot start and crater filler current setting, for optimal penetration at start and crater filling at bead’s end.

    Fan on demand and built-in wind tunnel cooling, protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness and drastically improves reliability with reduced power consumption.

    Memory locations for up to 50 repeatability welding process is also available.

    With built in wire feeder which consists of a solid metallic 4 roll motor drive-system which can be adapted for wire diameters from 0.6mm to 1.2mm. The wire speed range from is variable from 2 to 20 meters per minute and will except all standard wire spools up to 300 mm and 16kg.


    Mains Voltage: 3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz

    Mains Protection: 25A

    Welding Mode MIG

    Current Range 20 – 320A

    Working Cycle (40°C) 320A @ 45%

    Power Source Size: 1110 x 550 x 805mm

    Power Source Weight: 77.0Kg

    Supplied with: Bernard Q300 MIG Torch 15ft, Elga Optimator Regulator, 3m 35mm Welding Cable with 35/50mm Dinse Connector and 350A Nevada Type Earth Clamp, 3m Heavy Duty Gas Hose & Fittings.