Weco WF105 Detachable Wire Feeder 4 Roll Drive

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Weco

  • The Weco WF105 wire feeder is a detachable 4 roll wire feed unit used with the Weco Cruiser synergic invertor power sources. The WF105 offers the choice of either manual or synergic MIG/MAG welding programmes, either air or water cooled.


    The WF105 feeder offers the choice of manual and synergic MIG/MAG applications.

    35 synergic programs.

    Various torch trigger selections are available to ensure the best possible results on more difficult to perform processes. 3T SPECIAL allows you to set and recall 3 different current levels by pushing the trigger switch in order to achieve top quality weld beads, highly recommended for Aluminum welding.

    Personalised welding settings, or jobs can be stored in the memory locations and can subsequently be uploaded when required, up to 99 jobs can be saved. This function is unrivalled when application repeatability is required and set welding parameters need to be achieved.

    Locking facility, this procedure inhibits unit adjustments, allowing the user to modify only certain settings depending on the selected lock status, this prevents accidental alteration of the welding settings by the operator, helps to set welding parameters.

    Pre and Post gas delivery for before the welding arc is created and after the welding arc is extinguished, creating an uncontaminated atmosphere, this is useful when welding at high current values or with materials that oxidise readily when the weld pool cools.

    Gas flow adjustment button opens the gas solenoid valve to fill the circuit and calibrate the pressure with the regulator and flow meter on the gas cylinder.

    4 Roll wire feed system with adjustable wire feed pressure to ensure uninterrupted wire feeding on a variety of wire types.

    Programmer Connection, software in the feeder can be updated using the programming kit.

    Euro adaptor connector for  MIG/MAG torch.


    Supply voltage: 48 V A.C.

    Work cycle 400amp @ 100 %

    Maximum gas pressure: 0,5 MPa (5 bar)

    Motor speed: 1.5 – 22.0 m/min

    Maximum Wire spool: (dimensions/weight) 300 mm / 15 kg

    Dimensions ( L x D x H ): 385 x 690 x 440 mm

    Weight: 24.0 kg