Oprel Swiss Air PAPR Powered Respirator

Exclusive ‘HireBuy of the Month’ with Klarna

Spread the cost over three months with Klarna… Optrel Swiss Air PAPR Powered Respirator with FREE controller worth £100+vat. The ultimate respiratory protection for £265+vat per month!

99.8% TH3 Protection

Lightweight & Comfortable

Combine with other PPE

Up to 14hrs runtime

The Optrel Swiss Air PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator has revolutionised battery powered masks by combining a half mask with a back-pack mounted TH3 99.8% filter and variable airflow motor unit. Unlike head-mounted powered respirator systems, which place the entire weight of battery, motor and filter upon the users head – causing neck strain and fatigue – the Swiss Air design carries the 550g motor and filter unit on an ergonomically designed backpack harness whilst the ultra-comfortable facepiece and headband weighs a meagre 190g. The unique Swiss Air system ensures unrestricted and fatigue-free working all day long… made possible thanks to an impressive battery runtime of up to 14 hours from a single charge!

Using a half mask design makes the Swiss Air PAPR incredibly versatile, as it can be combined with any brand and type of PPE equipment such as helmets, ear defenders, face visors, goggles, safety spectacles and prescription eyewear. In welding applications, Swiss Air will comfortably fit under customers’ existing welding helmets, thus avoiding the need for costly brand-related PAPR welding helmet systems. Although the half mask completely covers the nose and mouth, unlike a traditional respirator, a complete seal to the face is not required due to the positive pressure air flow – filtered air inside the mask is at a greater pressure than air outside, preventing contaminated air from entering the facepiece. This eliminates the need for face fit tests and makes it suitable for users with facial hair. The TH3 filtration standard combines a filtration of 99.99% with leakage of just 0.2%, offering total particulate filtration of 99.8% – significantly better than any disposable respirator.

Long term savings… the initial outlay of a Swiss Air system equates to the cost of approximately two hundred FFP3 disposable respirators, with no face fit testing requirements.

Environmental impact… compared to disposable masks which are significant contributors to microfibre plastic waste, the Swiss Air system is reusable whilst minimising plastic pollution.

Carbon neutral product… with every purchase of a Swiss Air system, Optrel will plant a tree to neutralise it’s carbon footprint.

The Swiss Air TH3 standard is capable of filtering very fine particulates… including viruses – suitable for numerous applications including:

    • Cutting, routing and sanding all types of wood and board materials – including MDF
    • Welding, grinding, plasma cutting and finishing all types of metal.
    • Construction and demolition work.
    • Waste disposal and recycling.
    • Agriculture and farming.
    • Healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.



Free central control panel, worth £100+vat, with every Swiss Air PAPR Powered Respirator System. The controller can be securely positioned on the chest section of the shoulder strap, allowing the user to switch on/off, check battery and filter status and easily adjust fan speed whilst wearing the system. Swiss Air can be purchased outright or spread the cost with Klarna over 3 months… just £265.00+vat per month. Click below for more details.