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Milwaukee isn’t just about power tools! Their hand tool range delivers the same professional-grade quality and innovative features for those who value precision and control.

There are two different ways to shop for hand tools and many of us in the industry have experienced one of the alternatives, which is buying cheap and cheerful tools that get the job done, tools that you throw away after the job’s complete. On the other hand, there are high-performing – long-lasting tools that are worth the investment, and, these are where Milwaukee’s Hand tools come in.

Milwaukee is a trusted, durable brand known within the tool market, recognised for its innovation and for creating some of the most innovative tools on the market. Their tools are created with industry professionals in mind. Each tool is created to fix a problem and the durability of the tools ensures they will outlast any competition and be your most faithful companion for years to come.

We offer a wide range of Milwaukee Hand Tools to choose from, including bolsters and chisels, hammers and mallets knives, scrapers, line levels, screwdrivers, pliers, and much more. Each tool is meticulously designed to be both reliable and long-lasting, so you can take on any job with confidence. As a Milwaukee authorised dealer, we offer support that goes above and beyond other authorised dealers. Milwaukee is not only our leading power tool brand but also the world’s fastest-growing tool solutions provider for the professional trade. As an Authorised Milwaukee Distributor, Protrade has put together an exclusive Premier Support Package to make the process of owning, servicing, and repairing Milwaukee tools as seamless and easy as possible.

In addition to our wide selection of hand tools, we also offer a variety of Milwaukee accessories to help you get the most out of your tools. Whether you need replacement blades, carrying cases, or any other type of accessory, you’ll find it all at Protrade, where each product we sell reflects our motto of being ‘Built on Trust’. With our extensive selection and our close partnership with Milwaukee Tools, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most reliable products for the job. Shop now and see the difference that high-quality tools can make on your next project.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Durability: Built to last, with premium materials and robust construction for heavy-duty tasks and demanding use.

Accuracy: Expect exceptional accuracy and performance in every tool, from tape measures with advanced readability to levels with high-precision vials.

Innovation: Get the edge with unique features and patented technologies, like self-locking tape measures, multi-functional levels, and ergonomic designs for increased comfort and efficiency.

Variety: Whether you need cutting tools, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, or measuring instruments, Milwaukee’s wide range has you covered.

Milwaukee Authorised Dealer

As a Milwaukee authorised dealer we offer support that goes above and beyond other authorised dealers The idea behind providing a comprehensive support package for Milwaukee power tools, with additional benefits, is borne out of our engrained company ethos of delivering excellent customer service since the company was established over fifty years ago. With a significant choice of where to purchase your Milwaukee tools from in the UK, we feel that the ability to support your Milwaukee equipment from the ‘cradle to the grave’, protecting your investment, and minimising time-consuming and costly administration, assures Milwaukee users all over the UK that Protrade is the ideal partner to purchase your Milwaukee tools and equipment from. Click here to view our Premier Support Package.


Protrade’s Top Picks


  • Why should I choose Milwaukee Hand tools?

    Milwaukee prioritise innovation, offering features like self-locking tape measures, multi-functional levels, and ergonomic designs for increased comfort and efficiency. These features can significantly improve your workflow and productivity.

    Wide range and system compatibility: You’ll find a comprehensive range of hand tools within the Milwaukee range, from cutting tools and pliers to wrenches, screwdrivers, and measuring instruments. Many tools also share interchangeable blades and accessories, allowing you to build a customised toolkit without redundant parts.

  • What are the most popular Milwaukee Hand tools?

    While Milwaukee boasts a comprehensive hand tool range, some stand out as top picks for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

     Here are some of the most popular Milwaukee hand tools:

    • Fastback Folding Utility Knives: These knives are renowned for their one-handed opening mechanism, secure blade lock, and durable construction. Available in various blade lengths and styles, they cater to diverse cutting needs.
    • Torpedo Levels: With high-precision vials and durable acrylic bodies, these levels ensure accurate measurements for various levelling tasks. The compact size and magnetic base further enhance their versatility.
    • Featuring an anti-slip jaw design and one-handed release mechanism, Milwaukee pliers offer secure gripping and effortless adjustment. They’re a versatile tool for clamping, holding, and twisting various objects.
    • Tape Measures: From compact pocket tapes to extended lengths, Milwaukee offers a variety of tape measures with advanced readability markings and durable casings. Some models even feature self-locking mechanisms for added convenience.

  • Why should I buy Milwaukee Hand Tools from Protrade?

    As an Authorised Milwaukee Distributor, Protrade has put together an exclusive Premier Support Package to make the process of owning, servicing, and repairing Milwaukee power tools as seamless and easy as possible. The extended warranty period provided by Protrade is longer than any other Authorised Milwaukee Distributor in the UK. If you’re often too busy to register your Milwaukee power tools within 30 days of the purchase date, or it simply slipped your mind – worry not. Protrade register all Milwaukee tools on your behalf, to guarantee the warranty extension is applied.  We also hold all purchase information and warranty certification for easy recall. Should the tool fail during the three-year warranty period, there’s no requirement to dig out original proof of purchase invoices, and you also don’t need to find any warranty certification either. Simply contact us, and we’ll sort it!

    Also, at Protrade we offer 0% finance available on all orders over £99+vat. Invest in new Milwaukee power tools and equipment and spread the payment.

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