Milwaukee One-Key

Milwaukee ONE-KEY: Your Smart Key to a Smarter Jobsite

Tired of misplaced tools, wasted time, and unexpected downtime? Milwaukee ONE-KEY is here to revolutionise your jobsite management with its all-in-one platform for tool tracking, inventory control, performance optimisation, and security. Imagine a digital key that unlocks a world of efficiency and productivity.


Here’s how ONE-KEY works:

Track your tools: Forget frantic searches. Bluetooth tracking and geofencing let you pinpoint tool locations instantly, preventing loss and saving precious time.

Manage your inventory: Ditch the spreadsheets. ONE-KEY’s free app catalogs your tools, making it easy to track quantities, assign crews, and stay organized across multiple projects.

Customize your tools: Unleash the full potential of ONE-KEY enabled Milwaukee® smart tools. Adjust settings, create custom profiles, and optimize performance for specific tasks.

Boost security: Protect your investments. Activate theft protection to disable stolen tools, receive alerts, and track their location.

Gain insights: ONE-KEY delivers valuable data about tool usage, helping you optimize maintenance schedules, prevent downtime, and make informed decisions.

ONE-KEY is more than just a tool tracker, it’s a game-changer:

Reduce costs: Minimize tool loss, optimize usage, and extend tool life, saving you money and frustration.

Increase productivity: Spend less time searching for tools and more time getting the job done.

Improve communication: Streamline workflow with real-time tool information accessible to your entire team.

Gain peace of mind: Know your tools are secure and under your control, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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