More environmentally friendly mastic packaging

More environmentally friendly mastic packaging…

It’s time for us all to get involved in reducing plastic pollution in the construction industry… if everyone does their bit, collectively we’ll do a lot!

Plastic pollution is a huge global issue, and the construction industry is a significant contributor to this ecological disaster. Take sealants and adhesives alone… over TWO MILLION consumed plastic cartridges are going to landfill EVERY WEEK! We’ve decided to start tackling this problem and believe there is a simple solution that morally, we should all be promoting and adopting. Unlike many other ecological alternatives, moving over to a ‘new way’ could offer users significant benefits without compromise.

Foil or sausage packs have been around for some time now, traditionally associated with high volume production environments. It’s for this reason that historically, foil packs have only been available in sizes of 600ml. This cumbersome foil requires an awkwardly long applicator gun – a nightmare if you need to seal inside a shower cubicle or apply in a confined space – making this cartridge alternative unpopular with everyday builders, kitchen fitters, window installers and contractors. Such a predicament is easily resolved with a smaller pack… hence the introduction of our brand new range of Maxitek 400ml sealant and adhesive foil packs… that ticks pretty much every box that needs ticking!







All these benefits with no compromise… just a small change from what we’ve traditionally done…

We are reaching out to likeminded users to join our initiative, and change for the better – whether you want to do your bit for future generations or are part of a large organisation with environmental policies. We are seeing customers promote the switchover in their marketing messages; gaining a competitive edge for implementing a social and responsible approach to their business… and why not? Everybody wants to support what is ethically right.

Guarantee: “we will reduce your negative environmental impact with no compromise”

If you are interested in making a difference, please fill out the form below – we’ll be in touch to discuss your potential requirements and answer any queries you may have.


For more details about the environmental impact of plastics and our viable alternative, an interesting blog was written in December 2020 – read here.

There’s a common misconception that foil packs can be messy, but if used correctly – there is little or no mess whatsoever. See how to use for packs for more information.

The range of Maxitek 400ml Foil Packs is rapidly expanding, as new users come onboard with specific requests. Our UK-based manufacturing partner can quickly produce additional requirements, whether it be a different product type or alternative colour, within a 4 – 6 week timescale. The current range features the following products:

Maxitek LMN Foil Low Modulus Neutral Cure Silicone 400ml – a premium grade, low modulus neutral, oxime cure silicone sealant – which provides excellent adhesion and remains permanently elastic, with high movement capability. Recommended applications include perimeter sealing of window and door frames, including PVCu, and sealing joints in brickwork. It can also be used on many construction materials such as glass, plastics, metals, wood and masonry. CE marked – conforming to BS EN ISO 11600 F/G 25LM and BS 5889 Type A: 1989. Available in clear, white, brown and RAL7016 dark anthracite grey.

Maxitek Multi-Purpose Foil High Mod Sanitary Silicone 400ml – a premium grade, high modulus, acetoxy cure silicone sealant – which provides excellent adhesion and remains permanently elastic. Contains a powerful fungicide for resistance to fungus and mildew. Recommended applications include sanitary sealing around baths, showers, sinks and washbasins, glass to glass joints, perimeter pointing, sealing around laminates and worktops, sealing of aluminium sheets and components, an adhesive to bond PVC trims and many other general purpose sealing applications. CE marked – conforming to BS EN ISO 11600 F/G 20HM. Available in white and clear.

Maxitek Sumogrip Foil Grab Adhesive 400ml – comparable to the incredibly popular Sumogrip Original; the 400ml Sumogrip Foil is a fusion polymer high grab adhesive, for virtually any bonding application. It has a very high initial grab and final bond strength, outperforming all other traditional grab adhesives – can also be used for sealing and filling applications; over-paintable when cured. Permanently flexible, Sumogrip will not shrink or crack, adheres to virtually any substrate, in dry or damp conditions – and even works underwater! Solvent-free – containing no solvents, halogens, isocyanates or acids – Sumogrip can be used anytime, in any trade, on virtually any material, for many applications. White in colour.

Soudal Acryrub Foil Acrylic Sealant & Caulk 400ml – a high quality acrylic polymer-based sealant and filler. Not currently in the Maxitek range, but the Soudal version is available from stock – should an acrylic based product be required. Solvent-free and virtually odourless, Acryrub is very easy to apply and can be painted over within an hour. Used primarily as a gap and crack filler or caulk, prior to decorating. Other typical applications include sealing of window sills, skirting-boards, architraves, plasterboard, brickwork and masonry. CE marked – conforming to ISO 11600 F 7.5 P. Available in white.

Maxitek MG400 Duo Flow 400ml Foil & Cartridge Applicator Gun – a heavy duty professional mastic gun with a unique design for dispensing foil packs as well as standard cartridges. The tool-less removable plunger quickly converts from foil pack applicator gun to traditional cartridge mastic gun and is easy to control the flow of the material – essential for neat and accurate applications.

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