Maxitek MX 2000pcs Assorted Woodscrew Pack c/w 10 x PZ2 Screwdriver Bits

Exclusive ‘Product of the Month’

This month we are featuring the impressive range of Maxitek MX Woodscrews. Exclusive assorted packs contain 2000 of the most popular woodscrews and 10x screwdriver bits… just £29.95+vat per pack!

High Performance

Deep Pozi Recess

Yellow or Zinc

CE Approved

The Maxitek MX range has been specifically engineered to outperform most alternative woodscrew brands available in the UK, and comfortably competes with the premium German producers for consistency and performance.

Each MX woodscrew is manufactured from specially hardened steel and feature a reinforced double collar, significantly reducing the likelihood of breakage or head snapping. A deep countersunk pozi-drive head allows for maximum insertion of the screwdriver bit, minimising cam-out and premature bit wear. The unique thread configuration and very sharp screw point, allows for rapid pick-up and insertion – with maximum pull-out values in all types of wood and modern board materials. Each screw is also lubricated with a non-toxic coating to reduce the energy required during insertion. This is particularly important when driving-in with battery powered tools, as it allows more screws to be driven per charge and reduces the stress on the tool for maximum service life.

The Maxitek MX woodscrews are batch tested with full traceability and CE approval for structural timber products – guaranteeing consistency and performance every time. Ideal for joinery, shopfitting, building, plumbing, electrical and general maintenance. Every screw size is supplied in a robust one-piece carton to prevent box collapse and subsequent wastage. The 2000pce Assorted Packs are supplied with ten PZ2 x 25mm MXi professional tuff screwdriver bits, that can be used in both impact drivers or conventional drill/drivers.

Available in yellow passivated or bright zinc plated finish – click below for more details.