BevelTools Bevel Mite® EBI 3.0 Machine

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Beveltools

  • Good and accurate radiuses on steel constructions according to EN 1090, ISO 12944, ISO 8501 or IMO PSPC are becoming more and more important in the metal working industry. Radius edges with minimum radius 2mm are a necessity for good adhesion of coatings such as galvanise or paint to help protect against corrosion. The EBI 3.0 Bevel Mite® is the ideal machine to ensure maximum productivity, consistent quality, and safety with minimal vibration levels when you are needing to undertake such applications.

    The Bevel Tools EBI 3.0 Bevel Mite® is equipped with a powerful 600watt motor which provides outstanding power and is geared to generate extremely high torque. The EBI 3.0 Bevel Mite® can easily produce consistent perfectly radiused edges of 2mm, 3mm or 4 mm and can also be used to prepare K, V, X and Y shaped bevel preparations on flat sheets and pipes on metals such as S235. For stronger types of construction steels such as S355 and plasma or laser cut steel the special type of cutter head Version 3.0 should be fitted. Bevel heads from 15°  – 60° can be used and the maximum bevel depth of 6mm and the cutting depth can be set easily with the utmost precision without the need of any additional tools, once fixed the bevel length will remain constantly fixed and cannot be unintentionally adjusted during the actual process.

    Increased Productivity. Bevelling or Radiuses are significantly expedited when compared with traditional methods thanks to the innovative patented design of the cutter heads. The cutting surfaces ‘precise shape and angle enable swift and effortless metal removal. The outcome is an instant flawless smooth bevel or radius, eliminating the need for additional finishing when using the Bevel Mite® concept.

    A Safer and Healthier working environment. The chip taken from the edge of the material is relatively larger and heavier which causes them to drop to the ground immediately rather than ending up in the machine or in the air as fine dust. The Bevel Mite® concept provides a reduction in sparks and adds minimum heat into the metal thus reducing the possibility of hazardous smoke or fume formation.

    Minimum physical effort is required. Unlike working with cutting torches, grinding discs, sanding discs, or machines with inserts the machine and its bevel head handle the work. Thanks to its ergonomic design and light weight the Bevel Mite concept demands minimal physical effort during operation. The machine sits effortlessly on the work piece during rounding and bevelling tasks, with the user’s primary function being machine guidance.

    The compact and lightweight Bevel Mite® machines offer exceptional flexibility with a weight of only 2kg, they are comfortable to hold, easy to maneuverer and provide a lightweight user experience. The Bevel Mite® concept enables rapid bevelling, rounding, and deburring of sheet metal edges and in hole diameters starting from 16mm.

    The Bevel Mite® concept also allows for emission free processing, the material being processed remains relatively unchanged from any additional heat input and remains free of oxidization with no sparks.

    Bevel heads with long service life. Empirical figures show that between 100 to 140 meters can be achieved with just one bevel head and between 120 and 200 meters with the radius cutters when used carefully and correctly.   

    Consistent quality. The Bevel Mite® concept attains an unparalleled uniformed cutting pattern by maintaining constant contact with the metal. It effectively prevents discolouration as it cuts the metal without adding any additional heat and with minimal sparking. This distinctive cutting pattern sets the Bevel Mite® concept apart from other processes including machines that utilize carbide insert.


    Input: 600 Watt

    No Load Speed: 5.000 – 13.000 rpm

    Available radius cutters R2 – R3 – R4

    Available bevel heads: 15°- 22,5°- 30°- 37,5°- 45°- 52,5°- 60°

    Maximum bevel depth: 6mm

    Minimum hole diameter for bevelling: 22mm

    Minimum hole diameter for radiuses: 16mm

    Weight: 2.46 kg