Leica Disto S910 300m Bluetooth Touch Distance Measurer

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Leica

  • The Leica DISTO S910 is the first laser distance meter that captures multiple, accurate measurements in three dimensions from a single location, radically improving the efficiency of common measuring tasks.


    The ultimate laser distance measurer for both external and internal applications. Pro Pack includes a tripod, adaptor, target plate and robust carrying case.

    SmartBase: a biaxial pivot integrated with the circuit board is the key hardware innovation. Combined with a more powerful laser, a 360° tilt sensor, and new software, SmartBase enables the S910 to measure the distances and angles between multiple points.

    SmartBase facilitates three new remote measurement  functions:

    Point to Point (P2P): Measure the tie distance between two points, even if you are hundreds of metres from your target. Shoot Point 1 then Point 2 and the S910 displays the distance between them. Widths, heights, diagonals, gaps, it doesn’t matter: Just measure the start and end point and the distance is displayed.

    Smart Area: Shoot the corners of any polygon to determine the area of walls, floors, even complex roof shapes.

    Smart Angle: Shoot three points to measure any angle – including outside angles.

    For maximum accuracy the SmartBase requires a simple level check. This guarantees the electronic level of the S910 is within ± 0.1° of true level. For the highest measuring accuracy you will want to use the included tripod for the majority of P2P, Smart Angle and Smart Area functions.

    Even with a tripod and outdoor 4x zoom pointfinder camera, placing your laser point exactly where you want it can be challenging, especially at longer distances. The FTA 360-S is a micro-adjustable tripod adaptor. Point and shoot to get close, then tweak the knobs ever so slightly to adjust your spot by millimeters.

    Capture and Export Measurement Data: the S910 connects to compatible mobile apps with Bluetooth and exports DXF or jpg files over WiFi.


    The latest touch screen technology for ease in use.

    Free App – Leica DISTO™ sketch on IOS or Android.


    Measuring Range: Up to 300M

    Typical Measuring Accuracy: ± 1mm

    Measuring Units: m, ft, in

    SmartBase vertical range: -40° to 80°

    SmartBase vertical sensor tolerance: up to +/- 0.1°

    SmartBase horizontal range: 360°

    SmartBase horizontal tolerance: up to +/- 0.1°

    File Format: .jpg / DXF

    Memory: 50 Displays

    Measurements per set of Batteries: Up to 4000

    Water Jet Protection & Dust-Tight: IP54

    Batteries: Internal Rechargeable

    Dimensions (L x W x D): 164 × 61 × 32mm

    Weight: 0.29 kg

    Included as Standard: TRI 70 tripod, FTA 360-S adaptor, GZM3 target plate, USB charger, hand loop, holster & carrying case.

    3 Years Warranty on all Leica Measuring Equipment when registered.