Paslode Galv-Plus IM360/ 360Xi Framing Nail/Fuel Handy Packs

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Paslode

  • Genuine Paslode Framing Nail and Fuel handy packs for use with the 360Xi and IM360Ci Paslode gas nailers – supplied complete with fuel cells.

    Compatible with the Paslode Series-i range of gas nailers including 360Xi, IM360Ci and IM90i 1st Fix Gas Nailing Tools.

    Angled 34° strip nails with efficient paper collation that reduces blank and misfires, even in cold weather.

    Service Class 1 and 2 Galv-Plus finish nails can be used internally and also externally when protected or covered.

    All nail lengths feature a RounDrive® full round head and are ring shanked, except the 90mm which are smooth.

    The fuel cells deliver a high quality lubricant into the tool chamber with each shot, preventing a high carbon build-up for extended service life whilst maintaining the tool at an optimum performance level.

    The SERIES-i cell also features an intelligent fuel injection system that delivers the exact dosage of fuel required for the temperature, ensuring maximum performance levels down to temperatures of -15°C and minimising excess gas wastage.

    The Paslode System of Tool, Gas and Nail meets the EN792-13 European Safety Standard.

    Paslode nails are hexavalent chromium, cadmium and lead free, thus reducing harmful chemicals going into the environment.

    All nails comply to Eurocode 5, tested according to EN 14592:2008 and A1:2012, and are also CE marked – a requirement for most construction applications.

    Handy Packs are boxes of 1100 nails; supplied with 1 fuel cell – enough to fire all nails effectively.

    Used in the joinery and carpentry trades for roof battening, truss work, timber frame, cladding, stud work, joists, roof boarding, flat roofing, overboarding, floor boarding, panelling, shuttering, decking, hoarding and many other general construction trade applications.

    Genuine ITW Paslode branded product from an authorised partner: 141077, 141079, 141080