Promotional Woodscrew Packs

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Maxitek MX high performance woodscrews are premium quality – comparable to other professional woodscrew brands such as Spax and Reisser.

The screws are specially hardened with a reinforced double collar, minimising the likelihood of heads snapping or breakage. The deep countersunk Pozidrive head allows for maximum insertion of the screwdriver bit, reducing cam-out and premature bit wear. A deep sharp single thread gives maximum pull-out performance in all woods and modern board materials, whilst allowing incredibly fast insertion. The very sharp point offers fast pick-up in all materials.

Each size of woodscrew is batch tested with full traceability and CE approval for structural timber products, ensuring a safe and consistent high quality. MX Woodscrews can be used in multiple materials including hard and soft wood, board materials, PVCu and even thin sheet metal. Ideal for any joinery, shopfitting, building and general maintenance applications.

There are six different screw pack sizes to choose from – available in yellow passivated or BZP finish. Select your free gift(s) based on the number of screw packs ordered.

Follow the step by step instructions to order your screw packs and receive your free gift(s):

1. Select your screw pack size(s) and quantity

2. For each screw pack you get 1 gift token

3. Click on the PDF under the Datasheets & Documents tab to view the full list of free gifts

4. Select gifts which add up to the total of your gift tokens

5. Note down the code(s) of your chosen gift(s)

6. Type the gift code(s) into the order notes section at checkout

You can have a single gift or mix and match your options based on the number of screw packs ordered.


1x Screw Pack = 1 Gift Token

2x Screw Pack = 2 Gift Tokens

5x Screw Pack = 5 Gift Tokens


Click below for more information and to view the various gift options – click ‘Datasheets and Documents’ to view a full list of all the gifts available.