Stop the spread of infection by rapidly killing viruses & bacteria on everything you touch!

Sanitised hands are immediately contaminated the second you touch an unsanitised, infected surface. All touch points, including door handles, switches, levers, keyboards, screens, steering wheels, tools, machinery, desks, counters etc, should be regularly sanitised.

Critical factors include hand cleansing, sanitising the work area and personal protective equipment to reduce the potential spread of Covid-19

Surface Sanitisers: Guard 80 is an alcohol based sanitiser spray that can be used on hard or soft surfaces. Available in a handy 400ml aerosol or large 22 litre canisters for coverage of up to 650m² – ideal for sanitising offices, canteens, workshops, shops, vehicles, schools, leisure centres, hospitals etc.

Hand Cleansing: Range of alcohol based and non-alcohol hand sanitisers; ideal for cleansing when there is no running water readily available. Available in handy sizes or larger containers with dispensers for public areas.

Personal Protective Equipment: Safety masks and other PPE items have been in short supply for a number of months now. We are consistently sourcing products and have managed to maintain a steady supply throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.