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  • Credible alternative to the Festool TS55 Plunge Saw Blade
    The plunge saw, working in conjunction with a guide rail, is now the ‘go to’ power tool when professionals require a portable circular saw… and the Festool TS55 has become the market leading product, with literally thousands of units sold each year. Over the years, many lower cost alternative branded, yet compatible, saw blades have been available in the market place. It’s fair to say that performance-wise, they simply haven’t been good enough when compared to the original and genuine Festool branded saw blade.
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  • Which Jigsaw Blade to use for the job
    If you are in a trade that requires you to carry out any amount of cutting, you will more than likely have a jigsaw in your tool kit. A jigsaw is a very versatile power tool, which allows you to accurately make straight or shaped cuts in a variety of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Selecting the correct jigsaw blade for specific jobs is of paramount importance, but with so many to choose from, it can be very easy to pick incorrectly. The aim of this blog is to give a little insight on how to choose the correct blade for your specific application.
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  • Understanding the Colour Temperature of Light in Working Environments
    The colour temperature of light is becoming more of a health and safety issue these days, on site and in most working environments. So, what is ‘the colour temperature of light’? Quite simply, it’s a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light bulb, measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. You can see from the light bulbs image, at the bottom end of the scale the light is a warm red/yellow colour and at the top end of the scale, a cool blue/purple colour. From a domestic perspective, the ‘mood’ of a room can be heavily influenced by light colour, for example warm yellow colours are ideal for a relaxed living room, whereas cool, bright and crisp blue lighting may be preferred in a bathroom or kitchen.
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  • Different Types of Site LED Work Lights
    With the evolution of Site LED Work Lights, the days of flimsy, rickety and dangerous halogen lights or fluorescent work lights with defunct bulbs, and throwing them away at the end of the job, have gone. The introduction of the latest technology Maxitek LED range has provided a quality and maintenance-free solution to on-site lighting requirements.
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  • A Guide to Oscillating Multi Tools and the best Blades
    If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard a tradesman say ‘I couldn’t be without my multi tool’, I’d be a very rich man! Oscillating multi tools are fast becoming one of the most popular power tools on the construction site, due to the wide range of applications they can be used for. For years, Fein have dominated the multi tool market, with premium quality tools and blades, but since their patent ran out at the end of 2008, more and more machines and accessories have arrived in the market place.
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  • Dust Extraction Classes Explained
    I was recently working on the trade counter at one of our depots and was asked two questions regarding dust extraction… “Why should I use dust extraction?” and “What is the difference between the various classes?” I paused for thought and realised there are numerous reasons why dust extraction should be used, but equally as important, it’s vital the right class is used for the task in hand. I proceeded to answer the first question “why should I use dust extraction?” as follows...
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  • Tool theft - What can be done to deter thieves?
    With tool thefts at an all-time high, there is no better time to review the security you have in place. It wasn’t all that long ago that if you heard a van/unit had been broken into and tools stolen it was a shock, however it seems to be a daily phone call we now receive saying thousands of pounds worth of tools have been stolen meaning you’re unable to work and unable to earn money!
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  • Plunge Saw vs Traditional Circular Saw
    For many trade professionals we get through our doors, the plunge saw has become a staple power tool for use both in the workshop and on-site. However, we do still get asked “what is the difference between a plunge saw and a circular saw?” and “why does the plunge saw cost so much more?” I have written this blog to highlight the fundamental differences between a circular saw and a plunge saw and explain why the plunge saw is often a better option.
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  • Not all mastic guns are the same!
    When dispensing materials from traditional mastic cartridges, which applicator gun do you use? There are various options with differing ‘thrust ratios’! The ‘thrust ratio’ is the gearing for the amount of effort required to dispense the material out of the tube. The higher the ratio, the easier it is to dispense the product… but it’s not quite as straightforward to simply select the highest ratio gun available. Other factors also come into the equation when choosing the ideal gun for your specific application.
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  • The Hidden Costs of Buying Power Tools
    Following on from my blog earlier this year about ‘the trials and tribulations of extended power tool warranties’, it got me thinking about how the whole process could be made so much easier for both customers and the power tool dealer. This led us to launch our #BestValueNoMessin Power Tool Package on 1st July 2016, where all tools purchased from Protrade at the stated offer price, are supported by extraordinary service levels.
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  • The Pursuit of Profits over Moral and Social Responsibilities
    The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) 2006/66/EC restricts the use of cadmium in the manufacture of batteries. Cadmium, a highly toxic substance, can be found in NiCAD or Ni-Cd batteries. If nickel-cadmium batteries find their way into landfill sites, the repercussions for the environment can be devastating.
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  • Extended Power Tool Warranties
    Registering a power tool to receive an extended warranty seems fairly straightforward …. so why do less than half actually get registered?
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