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Innovative and reliable: Lamello wood connecting elements and woodworking machines: quality, innovation and excellent functionality.

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Reliable, innovative, and with excellent functionality, Swiss manufacturer Lamello is widely known for its premium quality power Tools, Fixings & Accessories for the woodworking trade. As inventors of the very first portable biscuit jointer in 1968, Lamello has continued to innovate and manufacture unique woodworking tools and fixings for trade purposes and is known for their premium quality, Swiss-manufactured power tools, and innovative fixings for the woodworking trade. As the first wooden biscuit inventor in 1955, Lamello has continued innovating and manufacturing unique tools and fixings.

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Introducing the NEW Cabineo X

The new range of Lamello Cabineo connectors have now arrived at Protrade.

Cabineo X is a connector for cabinets and shelves that can be used with all CNC machines and is pressed into place in the workshop or on site. Due to the open housing, it is possible to insert a Cabineo screw from the top and screw it into the counterpart with a hexagon bit. Using it with screws, Cabineo X is ideal when installing shelves into already joined cabinets or when assembling corner joints. Combined with shelf supports, Cabineo X prevents shelves from being pulled out.

View the Cabineo X Range

#AskAlan Talks ‘How to’ With Lamello…

Protrade expert Alan discusses all things Lamello on Protrade’s own channel @ToolsVision.
Here you’ll be able to find a range of content, from Alan discussing ‘how to’ create butt joints with a Lamello Clamex ‘and how to’ create angle joints with a Lamello Tenso, to ‘how to’ use the latest Lamello S-20 Connectors.

Other than our Lamello ‘how to’ series we also have a series of unboxing videos including the corded and cordless Lamello Zeta.

Check the channel and our other socials for the latest news and videos!

Visit one of our Lamello Mega Stores

In the East Midlands? Why not visit one of our five Protrade depots that offer Lamello sales, a Lamello repair facility, PAT testing, and tool hire? Each depot has excellent stocks, impressive displays, and demonstration areas.

Our staff members are highly trained with intimate knowledge and problem-solving ability. To contact any Protrade Depot by telephone, call Central Sales & Support at 03452 60 20 80 or email



  • Why should I choose Lamello Woodworking Tools?

    Lamello’s system solutions are synonymous with quality, innovation, and excellent functionality, and are used across the globe where they have proven their worth millions of times over!

    Lamello’s tools and accessories are the solutions to many woodworking dilemmas, they have developed and designed their tools by working alongside customers to shape new technologies that will fix age-old problems.

    The legendary durability of Lamello products protects the environment by reducing waste whilst simultaneously conserving valuable resources. Another example is Lamello’s ongoing efforts to improve the energy efficiency of the company and production processes. The high environmental standards at their head production site in Switzerland also ensure careful use of resources – a considerable portion of which come from sustainable management.

  • Which Lamello Zeta P2 Set is the best for me?

    This is a question we are often asked here at Protrade. When looking to buy any new tool, especially a high value one, it’s vital you choose the right option for your specific requirements. On top of that, peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you can call upon support or technical advice is essential, if you are to get the most from your investment. The answer to this question is dependant on your needs and what applications you will be using a Zeta P2 set for.

    For more advice, we have written an article ‘Which Lamello Zeta P2 Set is the best for me? [2023]  which explains everything you need to know to make the right choice between the different Lamello P2 sets.

  • What are the difference between Lamello connectors?

    Clamex: Detachable connector with very high 80kg clamping force.

    Tenso: High 15kg force self-clamping invisible connector for use with glue.

    Bisco: Aligning fitting for the P-System groove.

    Divario: Self-clamping invisible connector for sliding insertion.

    For more detailed information and a full description of the differences between all of the Lamello connectors click here.

  • Can I spread the cost with Finance Options?

    At Protrade we want to make sure that you have the best tools available to do the job right. We all know that having the best of anything can be expensive, but at Protrade we offer a variety of finance options that help you spread the cost of your payments over time. To read more about all of the different options available click here or email our sales team at

  • Why should I buy Lamello Tools from Protrade?

    Protrade is a key distributor in the UK for Lamello, with a significant stockholding of machines, connectors, and accessories. Our highly trained Lamello ‘champions’ can help guide you through the selection process with full support and the aftersales service includes 3 years warranty registration on your behalf. Free-of-charge training sessions, anywhere in the UK, are also available following the receipt of your machine – ensuring you get the most from your new tool. 

    Protrade also offer various purchasing options, including a range of payment plans to spread the cost, both online and in depots.   

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