Best Table Saws to Buy in the UK [2024]

Combining versatility and accuracy, a table saw can prove to be an invaluable piece of equipment, whether you are a workshop-based cabinet maker, site joiner or woodworking hobbyist.

Although there are many table saws on the market, manufactured by well-known brands, the external appearance would suggest that there is little difference between them. In this article we hope to demonstrate that not all table saws are the same and will be discussing five machines we believe are the best table saws currently available to buy in the UK.

Let us start by establishing:

  • What is a table saw?
  • What types of cuts can be made using a table saw?
  • Safety tips when using a table saw.
  • Best corded table saws in the UK.
  • Best cordless table saws in the UK.

What is a table saw? 

The easiest way to describe a table saw is to imagine a circular saw blade protruding through the middle of a tabletop. In virtually all instances, table saws rely on the material to be cut being fed onto the blade. For accuracy and safety, table saws use a guide fence which runs parallel with the blade for rip cuts, and a mitre fence which is used for cross cutting and mitres. The table saws in this article are designed to be easily transportable and can therefore be used on the jobsite or in a workshop.  

What type of cuts can be made using a table saw? 

A key feature of a table saw is its ability to perform a wide range of cuts, on different sizes of material… with accuracy.  

  • Rip cut – this is a cut made in line with the grain of the wood using a blade with fewer teeth. Providing there is enough space around the machine, and the material being cut is supported, the length of cut on a table saw is almost limitless. This makes table saws ideal for cutting long lengths of timber and trimming sheet material to size.  
  • Cross cut – refers to a cut across the grain of the wood using a fine-tooth blade, often on narrow sections of material such as architrave and skirting. Many woodworkers perform cross cuts using a crosscut mitre saw, but a table saw with a quality mitre guide is capable of incredibly accurate cross cuts.  
  • Mitre cut – keeping the blade at 90 degrees to the saw bed and adjusting the mitre guide to the required angle, makes table saws an excellent tool for mitre cutting. Regular users of table saws often build a fixed angled sled, which slides inside both channels of the table when wanting to make repeat mitre cuts.  
  • Bevel cut – performed by tilting the saw blade within the bed to the required angle. Perfect for applying a bevelled edge to sheet material or long lengths of timber. 

Safety tips when using a table saw 

Like any piece of machinery or equipment – table saws can be dangerous and cause serious injury if basic safety precautions are not adhered to. Below are some important safety tips when using any table saw. 

  • Place the saw on solid ground and level up to prevent rocking. 
  • Never perform freehand cuts and always use the guide fence or mitre guide. Never use both together. 
  • When coming to the end of a rip cut always use a push stick.  
  • Imagine where your hands are going to be throughout the cut. 
  • When cutting long lengths or sheet material, make sure it is supported at the rear and side of the machine with extended tables or support rollers.  
  • Keep guards and riving knives in place. 
  • When making very narrow cuts using the guide fence, the excess material can jam between the fence and blade causing aggressive kickback. Ensure you position the fence on the opposite side of the excess material being trimmed. 
  • Reduce exposure to harmful dust by using dust extraction where possible.  

Best Mains Powered Table Saws in the UK

Below is a list of some of the best mains powered table saws in the UK.

Festool TKS 80 EBS Table Saw Festool TKS80 Table Saw

Powered by mains 240V and featuring SawStop technology, the Festool TKS80 is the world’s safest table saw.  

In the event of human skin coming into contact with the saw blade, a jamming device incorporating a spring-loaded aluminium block is activated within 5 milliseconds, stopping the blade instantly. Once triggered, the blade firing mechanism will need replacing, but the risk of digit amputation and a life changing injury will have been dramatically reduced. Festool are well known for their expertise in woodworking and have used decades of industry knowledge and the latest technology to build a table saw that combines precision and safety.  

Advantages of Festool TKS 80 EBS Table Saw

  • SawStop safety – prevents serious injury. 
  • Two-point dust extraction – all Festool tools are designed with dust extraction in mind. Dust can be extracted efficiently from above and below the blade for a clean and healthier working environment. 
  • High quality angle mitre fence – expertly machined to allow precision mitre and rip cuts every time. 
  • Micro adjustment on bevel angle from –2 degrees to 47degrees – guarantees perfect joint alignment. 
  • MMC Multi Material Control electronic speed control – select the correct speed for the material you are cutting to include wood, laminate, plastics and aluminium. 
  • The full ‘set’ includes side, rear and travelling table as standard – maximising versatility and cutting capacity when cutting sheet material 
  • Tool garage – provides convenient storage for saw blades, spare SawStop cartridges and push sticks. 

Recommended Products

Metabo TS254 Table SawMetabo TS254 Table Saw

Metabo has focussed on portability when designing the TS254 table saw. Not to be confused with the smaller and lower powered TS254 M ‘hobbyist’ model, the professional non-M version has a robust tubular frame construction and a durable cast alloy bed. This brings the weight down to just 33kg, the lightest in its class. Large rubber wheels and the built-in trolley handle make it easy to transport the saw from the van to the jobsite, even over rough ground. Folding, height adjustable legs are fully integrated into the base of the saw offering two stable working heights – ground level and standing height.  

Advantages of Metabo TS254 Table Saw

  • Large wheels and built-in trolley handle – easy to move around. 
  • Only 33kg – lightweight construction makes it easier to lift, especially for a single person. 
  • Massive 87mm cut depth – cut large construction timbers comfortably. 
  • Integrated folding legs – two working heights and prevents accessories getting lost. 
  • Dual dust outlet ports – dust can be extracted from above and below the blade for a cleaner and safer working environment. 
  • Integrated side and rear table extensions – accepts a full kitchen cabinet panel and supports larger work pieces. 

Recommended Products

Mafell Erika 85 Push Pull Table Saw

Mafell invented the world’s first push-pull saw to combine the ripping capability of a table saw and the convenience and speed of a crosscut mitre saw.

Although table saws can be used for crosscutting applications, they require the material to be pushed into the blade; a cutting action normally associated with rip cutting. The Mafell Erika table saw can make cross-cuts by placing the material against the adjustable mitre fence and pulling the blade towards to operator, working on a similar principle to a mitre saw – that of bringing the blade to the material. This technique allows fast and extremely accurate cutting with a massive cut width of 430mm. Regarded as the finest portable saw manufacturer in the world, Mafell have designed the Erika to offer unrivalled precision, versatility and reliability.

Advantages of Mafell Erika 85 Push Pull Table Saw

  • Push-pull blade action – allows long accurate rip cuts and fast repetitive cross cutting. 
  • 2500W Cuprex motor – unrivalled power under load and unbeatable reliability. 
  • Sensor controlled guard light – increases visibility of the cut line improving accuracy and safety. 
  • E-control electronic variable speed – select the perfect speed for multiple materials including wood, laminates, plastics and aluminium. 
  • Unique dust extraction suction channel – improves the efficiency of the extraction process by directing and concentrating waste material towards the rear of the machine. Provides a cleaner cut line and healthier working environment. 
  • Bevel cut ranges from –3 degrees to 48 degrees – widest range of bevel cut angles meet all joint requirements. 
  • High quality adjustable mitre guide – allows for precise fine adjustment to ensure accurate cuts. 
  • Utilises a double motor cradle – supporting the motor that’s connected at the front and rear of the machine eliminating any flex meaning it connects to a guide at not only the front but also the rear of the machine to keep everything secure and solid 

Recommended Products

Best Cordless Table Saws in The UK

Below is a list of some of the best cordless powered table saws in the UK.

Milwaukee M18 FTS 18V Table Saw Milwaukee M18FTS

The Milwaukee Fuel range is specifically designed for professional users that demand the highest performance from their cordless tools. Milwaukee Fuel brushless motors are known for their impressive torque and reliability, which is why they were used to power the M18FTS ONE-KEY table saw. Weighing in at just 22kg, when used with the recommended 18V REDLITHIUM high output 12AH battery, this incredibly light weight cordless table saw, has the same rip cutting power as a corded mains machine.

A free spin speed of 6300rpm – some 159mph – makes this machine the fastest cordless table saw currently available. ONE-KEY allows digital connection with the tool, via Bluetooth, to any ‘smart’ phone or tablet device. This allows the user to configure settings, such as speed, to optimise performance and maximise the life of accessories. In the event of theft, ONE-KEY also tracks the tool and allows it to be locked to prevent unauthorised use. Equipped for rip cutting, the Milwaukee M18FTS 18V table saw is ideal for cutting sheet material and dimensional timber to size. 

Advantages of Milwaukee M18 FTS 18V Table Saw

  • Works on the Milwaukee 18V cordless platform – huge range of cordless tools available, proven reliability, comparable to mains power without the cables. 
  • 18V 12.0AH battery pack – extremely high power and long run time, capable of cutting 190 metres of 19mm OSB on one charge! 
  • ONE-KEY connectivity – the most advanced tool monitoring system available with options to control tool settings and restrict user access remotely. 
  • Rack and pinion adjustable ripping fence – fast and easy width adjustment which remains true, eliminating cut waiver. 
  • Bevel cut range 0 degrees – 47 degrees. 

Recommended Products

Metabo TS36-18 36V Table Saw

The model number of the TS36-18 is derived from the combined voltage of 2 x 18V battery packs to deliver 36V of power. This extremely powerful cordless table saw shares the same design as its mains powered stablemate, incorporating the integrated trolley handle and folding legs. This makes it just as portable, albeit with the advantage of having no cables attached as it is powered by batteries. 

In terms of performance, cut capacity remains the same at a whopping 87mm depth of cut; any speed advantage actually lies in favour of the cordless machine with an increase in no-load speed of 800 rpm and an extra 10 metres per second maximum cutting speed.

Advantages of Metabo TS36-18 36V Table Saw

  • Large wheels and built-in trolley handle – easy to move around. 
  • Only 34.5kg – lightweight construction makes it easier to lift, especially for a single person. 
  • Massive 87mm cut depth – cut large construction timbers comfortably. 
  • Integrated folding legs – two working heights and prevents accessories getting lost. 
  • Dust cyclone system – dust is deposited in a chip bag without the use of an external extraction unit.  
  • Integrated side and rear table extensions – accepts a full kitchen cabinet panel and supports larger work pieces. 
  • Part of the CAS Cordless Alliance System – allows users of this shared battery platform to work with other brands such as Mafell, Rothenberger, Trumpf and soon to be announced – Lamello 

Recommended Products


Having featured the safest, the most portable, the best push-pull and two cordless offerings, I hope this article has given you an introduction to table saws. Often regarded as the most important powered saw for anyone making furniture or working on a construction project, a table saw should meet most of your cutting needs.  

If you decide that cordless is the best option for you and you’re not yet invested in a battery platform, make sure you give serious consideration to what other tools you are likely to need and make sure your preferred manufacturer features them in their range.  

Finally, table saws are only dangerous if you don’t respect them. Always read instructions thoroughly, ensure the power is off when making any adjustments and think about the cut before you go anywhere near the power button.  

Author: Des Duddy Joint Managing Director Protrade


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