Different Types of Site LED Work Lights

Different types of Site LED Work Lights

With the evolution of Site LED Work Lights, the days of flimsy, rickety and dangerous halogen lights or fluorescent work lights with defunct bulbs, and throwing them away at the end of the job, have gone. The introduction of the latest technology Maxitek LED range has provided a quality and maintenance-free solution to on-site lighting requirements.

The Maxitek LED Site Lighting range includes 110V LED floodlights, task lights, rechargeable LED lights, LED festoon lighting and all round lights – see below:

110V Floodlights – As the name suggests, floodlights flood an area with light. The lumens of light generated are focussed in one direction for maximum brightness in the working area. The Maxitek 110V floodlight range features both tripod mounted and freestanding options. Floodlights mounted on a tripod allow light to be emitted from a higher trajectory to widen the lit area and reduce shadowing. Freestanding or floor mounted lights are more compact and portable; ideal if you are looking for a super-bright solution that can be moved from one area of the site to another on a regular basis. Compared to halogen lamps, LED versions can be easily picked up as they are robust, resistant to shocks and produce relatively little heat. The Maxitek range of corded floodlights are split into two categories:

siteLED – the contract range of LED site lighting. The 20 watt COB LED floodlights produce a respectable 1800 lumens of light per lamp. The tripod mounted floodlights have telescopic stands that extend up to 1.95 metres high.

extremeLED – as the name suggests, these LED floodlights produce an extreme amount of light – an impressive 6300 lumens of light per lamp. The sheer power of this can be demonstrated when you consider that a televised football game has approximately 2400 lumens of light per square metre. The extremeLED tripod mounted floodlights have super-stable and robust stands with retractable legs, that extend up to 2.5 meters high. They are feature double outlet sockets for running the lights in series.

Task Lights – Traditionally, a task light was a popular fluorescent site light with the ‘pretzel shaped’ bulb. This type of light has now evolved with LED options now available. In truth, there is not a great deal of difference between the latest LED task lights and floor mounted floodlights – the latest addition to the Maxitek extremeLED task light range gives out an unprecedented 6800 lumens of light! The Maxitek task light range also feature either single or double outlet sockets for running the lights in series.

Rechargeable Lights – Stand-alone rechargeable floodlights have also become more popular in recent years due to their convenience and running times of up to six hours per charge. From a health and safety perspective, there is also a preference for cordless lighting solutions as cables can be a trip hazard on site. The Maxitek range features two rechargeable floodlights; 10 watts with 900 lumens of light and it’s bigger brother – 30 watts with 2700 lumens of light. Also, recently added to the Maxitek cordlessLED range is the new 36 watt rechargeable 360° Uplight with 3050 lumens of bright light.

Festoon Lights – There will always be a place for festoon lighting on sites, although the traditional 60 watt incandescent bulbs are slowly disappearing following an EU directive to ban them. They have been replaced by more efficient LED versions, reducing the energy consumption by nearly 87% per bulb – 60 watts to just 8 watts and still providing similar lumens of bright light. Festoon lights are a more permanent solution to temporary lighting… if that makes sense! Once they’ve been installed, they tend to stay in place for the full duration of the site being worked. In commercial environments, it’s common for festoons to be disconnected but left in situ behind suspended ceilings, even once the job has been completed and handed over. This is because it’s more cost effective to invest in new lighting rather than wasting time getting into hard to reach and tight spaces, unscrewing fixings, unravelling the cables and removing.

All Round Lights – Ideal lighting solution for luminating entire rooms or areas as oppose to flooding a single working area. Although the light is not as intense as task or floodlights, it is emitted a full 360° around the light source – giving greater coverage over a larger area. The Maxitek range features two LED Uplights with retractable tripod legs – 110V mains and a handy rechargeable model, both with surface mounted devices (SMD) LED modules, protected by impact resistant opal polycarbonate lenses. The 110V LED Uplight also features an outlet socket for running the lights in series.

Site lighting has evolved at a great pace over the last few years, with new lighting technology and a drive for greater energy efficiency.

The traditional halogen lights have now been banned from most sites in the UK. The intense heat of the halogen site light, which can reach temperatures of over 600°C, can easily cause fires or serious burns, not to mention very high energy consumption, poor light efficiency and constant changing of bulbs. Until recently, the alternative fluorescent and LED options have simply not featured the same intensity of brightness that a 500 watt halogen lamp generates….. step forward the latest Maxitek extremeLED range of site work lights with unprecedented lumens of light and incredible light and energy efficiency.

LED versus Halogen – the image below compares a traditional 500 watt halogen tripod floodlight to the latest technology 70W extremeLED tripod floodlight in a pitch-black warehouse.

The 70W extremeLED floodlight is not only brighter, but also has numerous other benefits over traditional halogen including:

  • The extremeLED uses just 14% of the energy or power (70W vs. 500W), i.e. much lower running costs.
  • The extremeLED generates considerably less heat, ensuring no risk of fires or burns.
  • The extremeLED bulb lasts an impressive 50,000 hours, compared to costly and constant changing of halogen tubes.
  • The extremeLED lights operate reliably in cold temperatures (down to -20°C) and are resistant to shock or vibration.
  • The extremeLED light delivers a white daylight quality crisp light, which provides a more natural working environment and reduces eye fatigue.
  • Finally, the extremeLED floodlights come with a super-stable and robust tripod stand with double outlet sockets for running multiple lights in series.

LED versus Fluorescent – prior to the evolution of LED, fluorescent lighting had a place on-site. Fluorescent was certainly a step forward compared to halogen, but still falls short against the latest COB LED technology. There has long been confusion over the brightness of LED versus Fluorescent when comparing the lumens of light. This is down to the efficiency of the light generated, with LED being ‘directional’ light compared to fluorescent being ‘omnidirectional’ – explained in more detail below:

LIGHT: LED produces ‘directional light’, whereas fluorescent produces ‘omnidirectional light’ or light in many directions. This makes LED lights approximately 2X more efficient compared to fluorescents!

TIP: Half the lumens output of a fluorescent light when comparing to an LED light – i.e. in on-site applications, the 2000 lumens LED Task Light is brighter than the 3650 lumens Fluorescent Task Light!

BRIGHT: LED produces a brighter, whiter and more natural light compared to fluorescent. There is also no annoying flickering near the end of their life!

DURABLE: LED lights are more robust than fluorescent, lasting up to 10X longer. They are also much less prone to breaking in a rugged site environment, avoiding the need for extra bulbs!

GREEN: LED lights are much more energy-efficient compared to fluorescent. Additionally, they do not contain any mercury, making disposal at the end of their life much easier!

Click Here to download the Maxitek site lighting range flyer.


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