Festool SYS-PST Power Station: what is it and what are the benefits?

“A portable power source that can be used to power electrical devices by anyone, anywhere.” 

In this Festool SYS-PST Power Station article, we explore how this amazing power pack offers flexible working and convenience in everyday situations, bringing with it peace of mind in unforeseen circumstances. Specific topics covered include: 

  • What is the Festool SYS-PST Power Station? 
  • Is it easy to operate?
  • Where can it be used? 
  • What equipment can it be used with? 
  • What is the charge time? 
  • What is the operating time? 
  • If only I’d have had the power station when… 

Nothing highlights our dependence on electricity like a power cut. Having experienced two in just the last couple of months – one at home and the other at one of our Protrade Depots – it’s amazing just how powerless we are when we find ourselves, power-less.  

Every day we rely on electrical devices for entertainment, communication, and daily living such as washing and cooking. It doesn’t matter what equipment you regularly use, or how the energy got into it, the underlying fact is… electricity makes it work. So, what do we do if there are no sockets to plug into, no electricity available or no battery power left? The answer is – not much! 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was something that could be charged when mains power is available, allowing you to carry on working or living when it’s not? Let’s face it, even when plugging-in isn’t a problem, there are times when not having to would be a whole lot easier. 

Who hasn’t wrestled with an extension lead that has tied itself in knots, or simply isn’t long enough? Before you say it, I’m aware that petrol and diesel generators have been around for a long time, but there are significant downsides: 

  • Cumbersome and heavy, often requiring a two-person lift.
  • Can only be used outside due to harmful exhaust fumes.
  • Incredibly noisy… starting a generator in the back garden or on a campsite late at night, won’t win you many friends!  

Fortunately, Festool – a company that is known for launching innovative products – has developed an ingenious solution… the SYS Power Station 

What is the Festool SYS-PST Power Station?

Utilising the latest battery technology and some very clever engineering, Festool has managed to design a portable power storage system, using high-capacity lithium-ion cells that sit within the standard dimensions of their excellent and stackable Systainer system.  

The clever design not only makes it an obvious choice for current Festool customers and Systainer users, it also provides an attractive and practical carry case for those not already familiar with the Systainer concept. The SYS Power Station is not subject to any transportation restrictions and can therefore be carried in the back of a van, the boot of a car, in a caravan or campervan safely. With an IP44 ingress rating, the most widely used protection standard for outdoor lighting, the SYS Power Station is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. 

In summary, the SYS Power Station is a series of very high-capacity, rechargeable batteries, built into a clever and compact case that delivers clean fluctuationfree electricity to industrial tools and household equipment. 

Is it easy to operate?

Festool Sys PowerStation

Many of the best things in life are the simplest ones, and the Festool SYS-Power Station is no exception… using it is simplicity itself. There is an input socket to charge it, a single 240V output socket and a dedicated USB socket for use with phones, laptops and smaller electrical devices.  

There is no need to worry about having just one output socket either, as it can work with cable reels, multi socket adaptors and transformers for 110v tools. The Festool Power Station also comes equipped with a plug-in RCD for safety and a useful battery level indicator. 

Where can it be used?

The ability to move the power supply around with the electric tool or appliance gives users huge versatility regardless of where they are. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a huge construction site, on top of a scaffold, half-way down a tunnel, or in the middle of a field – the SYS Power Station allows you to run any electrical item with a plug! The convenience of having a very capable and portable power supply opens endless possibilities for work and leisure activities. 

What equipment can it be used with?

This is an easy one – if it uses electricity, the SYS-Power Station can run it! This is perfect for power tool users with an existing range of mains powered equipment or specialist tools that are not available in a cordless format. Festool’s portable power source can work with any brand of mains power tool and can also be used to charge batteries from any manufacturer’s cordless platform.  

The only exception is equipment that requires an earthed power supply – for example the Festool TKS 80 saw. Due to its unique ‘SawStop’ technology, this is the only Festool item that cannot be used in conjunction with the SYS Power Station. Another consideration is that vacuums and dust extraction equipment must be fitted with an anti-static hose.  

Festool is regarded as one of the world’s finest power tool companies; despite this, the Power Station is not and should not be seen exclusively as an industrial product for ‘trade only’ users. An illustration of its versatility across industrial, domestic and leisure sectors is its ability to deliver clean electricity. Simply put, that means it can be used with electrical devices that are sensitive to current fluctuations such as laptops, games consoles, phones and televisions. Unlike generators, which are prone to producing voltage spikes which can damage circuit boards, the SYS power station eliminates the risk of damaging expensive electrical items.  

When certain electrical items are started, they can cause a surge in power – albeit only for a fraction of a second. This peak power demand is often two or three times the actual rated wattage of the appliance. Despite the short burst, this can trip circuits. Surges are accommodated with the Power Station’s massive peak power rating of 11,000 watts.  

You can let your imagination run wild with compatible devices, but here are just a few: 

  • Angle grinders, routers, dust extractors, sanders, diamond core machines. 
  • Laptops, televisions, gaming consoles, phone chargers. 
  • Kettles, fridges, microwave ovens, coffee machines. 
  • Pressure washers, lawn mowers, hedge cutters and line trimmers. 

How long does it take to charge?

Charge time is a crucial factor to consider when talking about a power storage device. Extensive testing by Festool suggests that a fully charged Power Station will provide enough energy to complete a full day’s work. With most site applications consuming energy in short bursts – often referred to as trigger time, it is unlikely that users will need to re-charge during the working day. If they do need to re-charge… 

0 – 100% capacity can be achieved in just 3 hours 

If you think you are running low, a 30-minute charge during your lunch break can restore a significant amount of battery life. 

How long does it last?

I will state the obvious, but that depends on the energy demand of the appliance and how long you intend to run it. The power station’s 1500 watt-hours of stored energy is comparable to running a 150W light bulb constantly for 10 hours. Higher wattage appliances will of course decrease the run time, but as I mentioned above, in many cases power demand is rarely constant.  

A selection of run-time examples are as follows: 

  • 200m2 of drywall sanding using a Festool Planex sander connected to a dust extractor. 
  • 3000 cross cuts using a circular saw in 4” x 1 ½” softwood. 
  • 560 cuts in parquet flooring using a mitre saw connected to a dust extractor. 
  • 30 hours of TV on a 49” screen. 
  • 240 espressos using a capsule machine. 

If only I’d have had the power station when…

  • I was working in the attic and had to resort to dragging an extension lead through the loft hatch which scuffed all the paintwork. 
  • I was driving in the countryside and pulled over to appreciate the view, just wishing I could make a fresh coffee. 
  • I wanted to finish a job at a new build without power, which meant working into the night, but couldn’t start a generator outside as I didn’t want to upset the neighbours. 
  • We had a power cut and were worried about food defrosting in the freezer. 
  • Working on the outside of a house when the owners were on holiday, and I had no access to power. 

Festool SYS-PST Power Station – Summary

A desire for speed, convenience, and productivity has accelerated the development of tools and appliances, which reduce manual labour and maximise efficiency. This increases our demand for electricity and highlights the convenience of being able to store it, so it is readily available… whenever and wherever required. 

By combining the latest technology with proven engineering excellence, Festool has created an incredibly clever and practical power source for anyone at work, home or play. 

The Festool SYS-PST PowerStation is available to order.

Author: Des Duddy Joint Managing Director Protrade


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