Top 10 Milwaukee 18V Power Tools [2024]

The Milwaukee M18 cordless 18V battery platform has been in existence for over a decade now. Unlike many other brands, which have launched ‘higher voltage’ ranges, Milwaukee has stayed consistent with its 18V battery – choosing to increase the amperage for longer runtimes instead. This means that all their 18V tools can be used with the full range of M18 batteries, from 2.0Ah all the way up to 12.0Ah. There is one caveat though; the high drain tools – such as chainsaws, mitre saws, and the larger circular saws – should be used with their ‘high output’ batteries. Because of their rapid energy drain during operation, and subsequent heat build-up, the high-output batteries stay cooler and therefore the thermal overload protection is less likely to kick in…which simply causes the tools to cut out when the battery gets too hot.

Milwaukee now has over 200 power tools in their M18 or 18V range, with many tool types replicated to offer different levels of performance and capability to the user. The purpose of this article is to highlight the Top 10 Milwaukee 18V power tools and help guide you in choosing the best tools for the job.


1. Milwaukee 18V Combi Drill

The first and most popular cordless power tool is the good old drill. Combi, or Combination Drills, are, without a doubt, the most popular types of cordless drills in the UK – featuring plain rotary and percussion drilling modes, plus a range of torque settings for screw-driving applications. Milwaukee has three M18 Combi Drills in their range, but the one I’d absolutely recommend is the M18ONEPD2 FUEL machine. It knocks the socks off the other Milwaukee M18 percussion drills when it comes to performance and reliability, plus delivers an impressive 135 Nm maximum torque, and features a robust all-metal 13mm keyless chuck for drilling a multitude of construction materials.

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2. Milwaukee 18V Impact Driver

The impact driver has quickly become an essential power tool for anyone who drives in fastenings, especially longer ones, due to single-handed operation with no resistance or kickback for effortless insertion. The ¼” hexagon bit retainer allows for a rapid screwdriver bit change, and impact drivers can even be used with drilling accessories that feature a ¼” hex quick-release shank, like flat wood bits, twist drills, etc. Like their combi drills, Milwaukee has various options in their range of M18 impact drivers, but I’d recommend the M18 FID2 FUEL machine. Compact in size and low in weight, the Milwaukee M18FID2 delivers an impressive 226 Nm maximum torque and features three-speed settings – plus a clever fourth setting that monitors resistance to stop driving when the fastening has come into contact with the fitting or construction material. This is particularly useful when driving in Tek screws with EPDM rubber washers, minimising overtightening and spelching of the rubber seal.

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3. Milwaukee 18V SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

SDS rotary hammer drills are designed to drill masonry construction materials such as blocks, bricks, and concrete. Traditionally, a tradesperson’s cordless SDS drill was often a standalone 24V or 36V unit, but 18V machines these days are equally as powerful while lighter in weight. When we look at our historical SDS drill bit sales, over 90% are 10mm diameter and less – so you could argue a huge powerful SDS drilling machine is overkill anyway. Milwaukee has many options in this category, with various levels of power and options for ‘clip-on’ dust extraction accessories. Pound for pound, the M18 FH is a terrific unit. Part of Milwaukee’s premium FUEL line-up, the M18FH delivers an impressive 2.5 joules of blow energy – capable of drilling diameters up to 26mm. 4-mode operation means you can drill in plain rotary mode, hammer drill, chisel, and the final mode enables you to conveniently rotate the chisel for the perfect working position.

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4. Milwaukee 18V Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are the perfect tool for tightening and loosening bolts, fasteners, and wheel nuts. Industrial impact wrenches were traditionally air-powered, but battery-powered alternatives are now delivering comparable levels of torque. Milwaukee has a number of 18V impact wrenches in their line-up, from a 3/8” square drive all the way up to a massive 1” square drive. The ideal model depends on torque requirements for the job in hand but the most common size is ½” square drive, as they offer a good balance between precision and power. I’d recommend the M18 FIWF12 as it’s compact in size yet delivers an impressive 300 Nm of torque – more than enough for most general applications. Also part of the FUEL range, the M18FIWF12 features four torque settings: mode 1 for precision work, mode 2 helps prevent damage to fasteners and the material, mode 3 delivers maximum performance for the toughest applications, and mode 4 intelligently detects when the tool has impacted on a fastener for one second automatically shutting the tool down, reducing overdriving and damaging materials.

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5. Milwaukee 18V Multi-Tool

The multi-tool is a true all-rounder and I believe it should be part of every tradesperson’s cordless tool kit. The triangular sanding pad enables you to sand narrow edges and get into tight corners. Remove the sanding pad, and you can attach a multitude of accessories for sawing wood, metal, plastics, and drywall – you can even plunge cut. There are diamond and carbide accessories available for cutting tiles and also removing grout. Milwaukee has two multi-tools in its range – the M18 BMT and M18 FMT. Hands down; go for the M18FMT FUEL machine. It cuts and sands faster and is a much more reliable unit. It’s FUEL… there’s a theme emerging here! Both units are compatible with universal OIS – oscillating interface system – multi-tool blades, plus the standard Starlock accessories too. Starlock Plus blades can also be mounted on the machines, but only when used in conjunction with the blade fitting adaptor that comes in the box… so don’t lose it!

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6. Milwaukee 18V 115mm Angle Grinder

The improvements in battery technology over the last few years have made angle grinders a credible addition to any cordless kit – not only for cutting but now also capable of performing grinding tasks effectively too. The 4 ½” or 115mm has long been the most popular size in the UK, due to its compact size, low weight, and ease of use. The Milwaukee M18 FSAG115X has a slim handle design, for one or two-handed operation, and delivers a powerful performance, comparable to corded grinders. Another tool that’s part of the Milwaukee FUEL range, the M18FSAG115X is designed to deliver outstanding power, run time, and durability on the job site.

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7. Milwaukee 18V Circular Saw

Circular saws are most commonly used for cutting wood and board materials. Although there are also metal-cutting circular saws in the Milwaukee range, I’m focusing on wood applications in this article. As with all the previous recommendations, I’d only consider FUEL Milwaukee circular saws, as the additional power and reliability are vital in the tough applications to which these machines are regularly exposed to. Within the Milwaukee FUEL range, there is a guide rail compatible saw, rear handle ‘carpenters’ saw, and two sizes of standard wood and plastic cutting circular saws. The most popular Milwaukee 18V circular saw sold in the UK is the M18 CCS55 – a powerful yet compact unit with a 165mm diameter blade. The M18CCS55 has a maximum cutting capacity of 55mm, which covers the majority of tasks when cutting wood and board materials.

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8. Milwaukee 18V Angle Drill

Angle drills were designed to fit into tight spaces, but the early cordless angle drills lacked power and weren’t really capable of fulfilling one of the most common requirements for an angle drill – drilling between studs or joists for long runs of electrical cable or pipes. A heavy-duty machine was required for this task, and Milwaukee launched their Hole Hawg right-angled drill with this in mind. The M18 CRAD2 FUEL Hole Hawg Angle Drill features a 13mm chuck and is a perfect solution for the electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation trades. The long body of the M18CRAD2 helps the operator stabilise the tool when drilling, providing extra leverage for potential snagging or grabs. This tool really is a must for the HVAC and M&E trades.

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9. Milwaukee 18V Planer

I’ve included the power hand planer in this Top 10 because it’s the perfect cordless tool, as they’re predominantly used on the job site where power is not always readily available. Most site joiners, woodworkers, and carpenters will have a cordless planer in their tool kit for shaving off small amounts of wood – for example when fitting doors. The M18 BP features a powerful 4-pole motor that delivers 14,000 rpm, for an optimum surface finish. The M18BP also has an adjustable depth of cut from 0 to 2mm, for accurately setting the desired amount of material to be removed in one single pass.

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10. Milwaukee 18V Work Light

The last ‘tool’ to feature in this Top 10 Milwaukee 18V Power Tools list is the good old work lamp or torch. Let’s face it, you can’t work when you can’t see – especially in the winter months. You could argue it’s not really a tool, but lighting solutions have become hugely popular for many professional power tool brands that feature an 18V platform. Milwaukee has a significant number of M18 lights, lamps, and torches, but the M18 TLED is a great choice for any tradespersons tool kit. LED electrics means you’re not messing around replacing bulbs, a 135° rotating head effectively aims light at the workspace, and an integrated hook allows for hands-free use. The M18TLED is an essential addition to your cordless kit.

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That concludes my Top 10 list of essential Milwaukee 18V Power Tools. There are numerous other tools available in the Milwaukee M18 range, but these are my top picks. Milwaukee M18 Combo Kits or Powerpacks are also available, which contain a selection of the most popular 18V cordless tools. Alternatively, you can select your M18 NRG Kit, which consists of two batteries and a charger, and then build your own perfect bespoke package by simply adding body-only tools.


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