Cordless Alliance System

Cordless Alliance System

The Cordless Alliance System is a sophisticated battery pack system on which you can now also rely for different standard and special applications. Thanks to the multiple use of existing battery packs you achieve clear cost benefits.
CAS also offers the highest reliability and high investment security of a guaranteed sustainable battery pack system.

How Can The Cordless Alliance System Be Used?

The focus is on 18V the most important application range for professional users. Also, LiHD – the most powerful battery pack technology in the world is 100% CAS compatible. The technology covers a performance range of 400 to 3,200 watts and subsequently offers enough power even for very energy-intense applications.

With more than 30 years of battery pack expertise, Metabo is the pioneer in battery pack technology. CAS is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brands and offers you a large selection of powerful machines.

• Everything for the building trade
• Everything for the metal trade and the industry
• Everything for fitters, heater contractors, refrigeration and air conditioning technicians, and service fitters.
• More cordless tools such as hot air guns, sprayers, lawnmowers, and much more.

Unlimited combinations: Now you can combine machines, battery packs, and chargers of different manufacturers with each other without any problems.

What Are The Benefits of The Cordless Alliance System?


Everything As Cordless

Product solutions for trade and industry. Professional users profit from powerful battery pack solutions.

Applications previously reserved for powerful mains-powered machines can now be done with cordless machines.

Mobile working without cable offers numerous advantages.

  • Independence from the wall socket for more flexibility and productivity.
  • No tripping on cables, i.e. increased safety thanks to lower risk of accidents.

The CAS partner is an alliance of generalists and specialists with a clear focus on power tools for professional applications. The alliance unites innovative power, high performance of the products, and the common goal of making professionals independent from the power socket.

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