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The Festool ExoActive Exoskeleton has arrived at Protrade…

The Festool Exoskeleton helps to make your tasks much easier, especially during overhead work where you need to reach walls or ceilings. The powerful 18v battery provides the extra power needed to support you during tiring tasks. For you, less physical exertion means greater efficiency, greater focus on the quality of your work and greater enjoyment of your work.

Festool exoskeleton


Provides you with the support you need

Whether from the waist up, chest height, or overhead you can adjust the areas where you need support and increase or decrease the level in a matter of seconds. The Exoactive provides you with targeted support, precisely where you need it. This is perfect for projects and construction sites when your arms or shoulders get tired and you need to take the load off your neck.

The new Festool ExoActive Exoskeleton becomes one with your body. There are neither any restrictive straps nor components that could get in the way. So, whether you’re picking up a screw, mixing paint, or getting tools from your vehicle, the Festool ExoActive Exoskeleton provides maximum freedom of movement and is very comfortable for users to wear.

All of the Festool ExoActive fabric and strap parts are removable and washable, meaning that they can be worn by different people. What’s more, all users can be provided with their own harness system, making it even easier and quicker to change between them. The Festool ExoActive provides each underarm with an added boost of up to 50 Newtons, which is equal to approximately 5kg per arm or 10kg in total.

The Festool Exoactive fits users like a glove. It’s as easy to put on as a rucksack and can be personalised to your height and tailored to you. Once you’ve gotten used to how easy the exoskeleton makes your work, you won’t want to work without it. Whether in person or online, we can ensure the ExoActive is specifically tailored to your body measurements in order for you to see the best results.

Benefits of The ExoActive

✅ Supportive: The active system allows you to work overhead without tiring.
✅ Conserves your energy: Helps to avoid overloads in the long-term.
✅ With support from the ExoActive, you will be able to concentrate for longer, you will be less fatigued and you will work more efficiently.
✅Allows users to choose between three working areas depending on the application and regulate the level of support in five different settings.

✅Can be adapted to the individual height simply and quickly thanks to various adjustment options.
✅ Maximum freedom of movement: Close-fitting.
✅ Washable: The textile and belt parts can be replaced quickly thanks to the simple changing system.
✅ Compatible: Part of the Festool 18 Volt System with system battery.

Festool ExoActive Warranty

Festool offers a 3-year warranty with all their machines, batteries, and chargers. All you have to do is register your product here within 30 days of purchase.

The warranty includes:

  • Fast, thorough, and free repairs for the first three years. We even replace typical wear parts, also your battery packs and battery chargers are covered.
  • Theft protection
  • All spare parts will be available for at least ten years. If not, you will receive a new tool free of charge.

As an authorised Festool dealer we can also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for their machines. If you’re not fully satisfied with your machine, then you have 14 days from the date of purchase to return it. For more information about the Festool warranty provided at Protrade click here.


Fancy spreading the cost?

Klarna is a convenient and more affordable method of payment. It allows you to spread your payments over a variety of terms and confidently invest in new tools and equipment from £99 inc.vat – £8000 inc.vat.

There are three Klarna products we offer at Protrade:

  • Pay in 3 Months – Spread your payment over 3 months with no interest. This option is available on orders from £99 – £1200 inc. vat
  • 6 Months Interest Free – Spread your payment over 6 months interest free. This option is available on orders from £250 to £8000 inc. vat.
  • Up to 36 Months Finance – Spread your payment over up to 3 years at 21.9% APR. This option is available on orders from £250 to £8000 inc. vat.

Apply online by selecting ‘Klarna’ as your payment method. Please note Klarna is not available for limited companies. Contact the sales team on 03452 60 20 80 or fill in the account application form above.

If you’re a limited company or looking for an alternative method to pay for your Exoactive over a period of time please check out our alternative monthly payment methods here.

Watch the Festool ExoActive Exoskeleton in action

“The exoskeleton literally supports users under their arms to take the load off their shoulder muscles”

“It was particularly ideal for overhead work.”

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Every EXO 18 also includes an optional consultation and fitting appointment – free of charge. This will help you determine the perfect shoulder width, back length, and armrest distance to fully optimise the EXO 18 ExoActive to your individual body dimensions.

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