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John Argyle

Festool With You Everyday

Johns’ Story

John Argyle is the owner of Enfield Refurbishments, trading since 2012. John currently has one apprentice called Lisa, and they mainly work in carpentry and joinery on older properties. John’s love for woodworking started when he was around 6 years old, when he used to go to his grandparents for Sunday lunch.

“My grandad was a chippy and used to tinker about in his workshop making hand tools in those days when you didn‘t buy them off the shelf, you used to make them, and I found it interesting that my grandad would be doing something.”

John’s father also played a huge part in influencing him to become a carpenter and joiner. His father used to do all the woodwork in their house, and he used to let him join in to help him out.

When John was 16 years old, he found an advert in the newspaper and applied for a Young Apprentice Carpenter position. This was John’s first official entry into the woodworking industry. This job is what ignited an interest in where timber comes from and how it is prepared.

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“I got a phone call that day, I jumped on my BMX and rode up there for an interview and got the job. I was lucky that the guy who taught me said, there’s a greater respect for what you’re using and what you’re making, if you know where it comes from.”


Since then, John has followed this advice knowing and working together from start to finish, “the passion for oak that I’ve never been able to lose.” Throughout John’s career one of his greatest achievements is having successfully trained 15 people over the last 30 years. Providing them with the knowledge and use of quality tools to become experts in the industry. Festool has helped John in this process making the training easier with the right tools and smart systems.

“Why would you want to cut something twice, when you can cut it right the first time? The easy way is the Festool way for us” says John. John found it difficult to narrow down his list to only 10 tools because there are tools that are now discontinued, that he still uses and loves to this day.

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