Milwaukee Cordless Range Explained

Selecting the right power tool for the job can be a confusing task…

Especially when the manufacturers launch different models that, on the face of it, look very similar.

Milwaukee have done just that, adding a third level of cordless tools to their already significant M18 range.

To aid the selection process, use the following as a guide, in order of the highest performance to the lowest.

1st – Fuel Range
The model codes start with M18F for Generation 2 and 3 tools and M18ONE for ONE-KEY enabled tools … Designed for heavy duty industrial applications. Possibly the highest performing cordless range available to date and our recommendation for performance and reliability.

2nd – Brushless Range
The model codes start with M18CBL … Designed for medium duty applications. When compared to the Fuel range, performance levels are approximately halved – for example torque/power is 60Nm versus 135Nm.

3rd – Brushed Range
The model codes start with M18B … Entry level Milwaukee range. Performance specifications are similar to the Brushless range, but the brushed motors will require more maintenance for the lifetime of the tool.

Protrade have made an informed decision to only stock and promote the Fuel range of power tools, where possible, due to the significant increase in performance and reliability when compared to the Brushless and Brushed range. We also exclusively offer a full three years warranty on the tools, batteries and chargers with no registration required – see more details here.