Milwaukee Packout & Storage

Enjoy Extra Savings on all Milwaukee Storage

Extra Savings on Milwaukee Packout & Storage

Milwaukee has completely revolutionised tools and equipment transportation, organisation, and storage with its heavy-duty Packout Modular Storage System.

Modular Organisation

Durable Construction

Easy Transportation

Efficient Storage

Designed to provide professional users with the ability to interlock and interchange a huge range of Packout toolboxes, tool organisers, storage boxes and bags, totes, and backpacks. You can create your own Packout configuration that suits specific needs, in the workshop, in the van, or on the job site. A perfect addition to any Packout stack is a Milwaukee cooler box – specifically designed to be durable enough to withstand tough jobsite conditions, keeping the contents cold for long periods of time.

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The Milwaukee Wall Storage System or Wall Rack, connects hooks, cabinets, storage bins, tool and battery holders, plus many other accessories to the Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plates. The Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plates can be fixed to the inside of vans or on workshop walls to perfectly organise tools and equipment. There are also larger hooks to hold things like stepladders, extension leads, or air hoses – plus an accessory for holding long-handled tools, such as sweeping brushes.

The range of Milwaukee heavy-duty tool belts and pouches are a perfect solution for plumbers, electricians, joiners, plus many other trades that work on site. The Milwaukee work belts and pouches keep tools and fixings organised, meaning less time is wasted hunting through toolboxes. Milwaukee also manufactures a series of ‘stand-alone’ backpacks that are not part of the Packout System. These work backpacks offer the same durable benefits as the rest of the Milwaukee soft tool storage range, enabling users to transport bulky handheld equipment, such as power tools and batteries – as well as hand tools and accessories.

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