3m™ Xtract™ Cubitron™ II 710W 150mm Net Sanding Discs

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: 3M™

  • 3M Xtract Cubitron II 710W Net Sanding discs are the most advanced mesh abrasive available utilising unique Cubitron grain for very fast stock removal and extraordinary long life – dust free!

    Perfectly formed, triangular shaped grain enables very fast stock removal whilst providing a much cleaner and more uniform scratch pattern than traditional coated or mesh abrasives. The unique Cubitron ceramic grain is manufactured to be highly resistant to heat and wear during the most demanding sanding and grinding operations, outlasting competitors’ products X 3.

    The unique pattern of the abrasive coating is clearly visible on the disc and is designed to prevent grit loss – particularly when sanding edges , and reduce the chance of tearing and backing degradation.   

    As Xtract is a mesh abrasive, it offers the best possible dust extraction and is compatible with every type of random orbital sander as there are no holes to line up. 

    3M Xtract 710W is incredibly versatile and can be used on virtually any material including: metal, solid surfaces, all types of wood and wood based substrates, paint, primers, gel coats and composites.

    Available in a range of grades: 80+, 120+, 150+, 180+, 240+, 320+.

    Packs of 50.