Bessey SG Heavy-Duty All Steel Screw Clamp

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Bessey

  • The Bessey SG clamps offer increasingly high clamping pressures, with larger throat depths and wider openings. Applications include steel fabrication, welding, shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing.


    The optimised profile guarantees high clamping force build-up in the shortest time, while maintaining maximum stability and safety. The fixed bracket and pressure plate are manufactured in a single piece, and tempered, so are able to bear heavy loads and are resistant to torsion.

    The forged sliding arm has a shape that allows for more efficient transfer of force. As a result of its more linear transfer of force, the U-shaped sliding arm offers maximum security with the heaviest of loads.

    The heat-resistant pressure plate is replaceable and can be tilted up to 35° so it can even clamp on angled or sloping surfaces. It has an extremely long service-life due to the oil-soaked sintered steel insert’s excellent sliding and emergency running properties.

    The tempered spindle is particularly sturdy and wear-resistant., which considerably increases its durability.

    20% more clamping force per spindle rotation with optimised rail profile.

    Maximum safety due to the better linear transfer of force of the sliding arm.


    Clamping capacity: 300mm

    Throat depth: 140mm

    Rail section 34mm x 13mm

    Clamping Force: up to 12,000N

    Weight: 3kg