Bonda Wood Fill Supersoft Two Part Filler Handypack 200g

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Bonda

  • Bonda Wood Fill Supersoft is a stainable wood filler available in an economical handypack.

    The supersoft filler can be sanded at the same rate as the wood, and it will not slump during application.

    It will not shrink after hardening and it will readily accept stains and paints.

    Supersoft is the ideal product for filling MDF.

    Screws and nails can be driven into the product without the fear of it cracking.

    Supersoft is a reference product for joiners, cabinet makers and pattern makers.

    Supplied in 200g ‘ handypack’ containers.

    Ideal for decorators that need to fill a wide range of materials. The Supersoft formula provides a more resilient filling compound than single part and powdered fillers resisting cracking. Despite the durable nature of the filler it is easy to sand and will not cause ‘over-sanding’ of surrounding areas on materials like plaster, making it ideal for filling around sockets and switches.

    Due to the nature of this light weight unique filler, a Supersoft handypack only weighs 200g, yet it contains the same volume as the coloured 500g handypacks.