CK Wedge Collets For WP17, 18 & 26 Type TIG Torches

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Product Overview

  • The CK wedge collet design is superior to the 50 year old standard design, the wedge collet does not have a slot, thus eliminating twisting and deformation of the collet when in use.

    This makes the wedge collets more durable, lasting up to 10 times longer than standard split type collets.

    With the wedge collet design the tungsten is put in direct contact with the collet body, the current transfer point is at the collet body creating better arc starting, arc stability, less resistance heating, and less low current arc wander.

    The wedge collet design creates a better mechanical grip requiring less pressure on the back cap to secure the tungsten electrode, this helps to eliminate possible stripping of the threads on the torch head itself.

    CK short wedge collets can be used with the short collet body to except 2 series ceramics, this makes the front end much shorter for harder to reach applications.

    For use with CK series 3 gas saver consumables, these can also be used with WP type torches 17, 18 and 26.