Deb GrittyFOAM Handcleaner 3.5 litre

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Deb

  • Gritty Foam is a  unique rich cream heavy duty foaming hand cleanser with suspended,non abrasive cornmeal bio–scrubbers™ for deep cleaning action.

              The rapid and effective cleansing action, combined with excellent skin feel during and after use, encourages compliance.

          Transforms 3ml of heavy duty hand cleansing liquid into up to five times the volume in rich–cream foam containing uniquely suspended bio–scrubbers™.


     Non-abrasive cornmeal bio-scrubbers™ give a deep-cleaning action to remove most industrial soiling.

    The foam spreads rapidly to emulsify contaminants and quickly rinses off to reduce time and water required for a complete hand wash.


    Preferred by users, GrittyFOAM™ is gentler on the skin, better for the environment and faster to use than conventional heavy duty hand cleansers

             The cartridge is ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process to protect the product, the unique patented pump is designed to prevent air ingress into the cartridge during normal use

             and this will minimize the risk of external   contamination.

    For use with GrittyFOAM™ dispenser" 05262.