Global Telcut 120 Bansdsaw Fluid 20L

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Global

  • Telecut 120 is a biostable semi-synthetic flood coolant specifically designed for sawing.

    The mineral oil content gives optimum balance of stability, machining performance, increases blade life and reduces machine tool corrosion.

    The product is suitable for a wide range of water hardness’s and has excellent resistance to the destabilising effects of tramp oil and other physical contaminants.

    It is designed for use with all normal ferrous materials low order stainless steel and some nonferrous materials.

    Telcut 120 is intended to be a multi-purpose product with the added lubricity required for applications such as tapping and is suitable for non-critical applications on aluminium alloys.


    Biostable – resists bacterial attack and promotes a long and predictable service life.

    Suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

    Suitable for use in a wide range of diluent water including hard water.

    Exhibits a high level of stability and resistance to contamination.

    Free from chlorine, sulphur, phenol and nitrites.

    High degree of lubricity.

    Product Data

    Appearance: Clear Yellow Fluid

    Specific gravity @ 20oC: 0.99

    Ph @ 5% emulsion: 9.6

    Emulsion type: Milky white semi-translucent

    Health and Safety

    For full Health and Safety data please refer the MSDS Sheet.