Klingspor SM611 Flap Wheels for Inox & Mild Steel

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Klingspor

  • Klingspor SM611 abrasive flap wheels are  designed for surface finishing, deburring, matt finishing and weld seam removal on mild or stainless steel.

         The flaps are conformable to intricate shapes and contours and designed to deliver a consistent finish with a uniform rate of cut, the flaps wear away continually exposing fresh abrasives.

    The pliable flaps of abrasive cloth are tightly arranged radially around a resin core, this offers the best possible adjustment to the surface of the workpiece either flat or contoured.

    The abrasive flap wheel’s optimum performance cutting rate range is between 38-42 m/s, to achieve optimum cutting on the 165mm wheel a machine with a running speed of between 4.400–4.800rpm is required.

    If the abrasive mop wheel is used at the optimal RPM setting, the grinding flaps stand up straight as a result of the centrifugal forces around the core and provide optimum abrasive mop wheel grinding properties. Only the edges of the grinding flaps are subjected to wear and tear, which results in the introduction of the new and sharper grits from the first to the last work piece.

    Can be mounted to various machines with the use of 79mm mounting plates (Code: 30397).  

    Aluminium oxide abrasive material; can also be used on wood.

    Diameter 165mm x Width 25mm

        Before turning the machine on it is important to check that the pre-set RPM of the machine does not exceed the maximum abrasive mop RPM rating.