Lenox Speed Slot Bi-Metal Hole Saws

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Lenox

  • Manufactured in the USA for nearly a century, Lenox hole saws offer unbeatable performance and life

    Designed for unbeatable performance and life in mild and stainless steel.

    The new Speed Slot hole saw has enhanced tooth form and thin kerf, cutting twice as fast through metal, wood and plastics.

    No paint is applied to the inside of the hole saw; this avoids plugs getting stuck during the drilling process.

    The innovative slot with multiple leverage points also makes removal of the plug very quick and easy.  

    The hole saw stays much cooler when cutting ensuring at least twice the life versus other hole saws.

    Compatible with standard hole saw arbors  – up to 30mm hole saws use the smaller arbor; 32mm+ use the larger ‘two-pin’ arbor.