MAXVAC Dustblocker DB450 110/240v Dual Volt Air Cleaner

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Addex

  • The Maxvac Dustblocker DB450 draws air in from the environment and passes it through a HEPA 13 filter, which captures 99.95% of dust particles, filtering the air you breathe.   


    Construction, refurbishment and decorating projects often generate large volumes of dust. This can be as a result of demolition works, the use of power tools to drill and saw materials such as wood and masonry, or hand sanding surfaces in preparation for painting. 


    Connecting a dust extractor to power tools is a very effective method of removing dust at source, but inevitably – some always escapes. Other applications such as hand sanding are virtually impossible to complete without dust going into the air.

    Although wearing a mask when performing these tasks offers extra protection, it’s the unseen particulates which are the most harmful, remaining in the air long after work has finished. This exposes homeowners, the public and other contractors to significant risk without them ever being aware. 


    MAXVAC air cleaners, sometimes referred to as air scrubbers or air purifiers, use an internal fan to pull contaminated air from the working environment through High Efficiency Particulate Air filters – (HEPA), removing harmful airborne dust. Clean air is then exhausted back into the surrounding area. 


    The MAXVAC Dustblocker 450 utilises the popular stackable Systainer system associated with brands such as Festool, Mirka, Mafell and Lamello, housing a three stage filtration system comprising pre-filter, front filter and main filter. Users can choose to circulate filtered air back into the working area, or maximise dust reduction by connecting the removeable duct pipe that comes supplied with the machine, to a soil stack or ventilation pipe – thus creating a negative pressure environment.


    The dual voltage 110v/240v motor allows operators to work on site or in domestic environments with a single unit, both leads come supplied.


    The size of air cleaner is determined by calculating the volume of the room in cubic metres and dividing the air flow of the cleaner by this figure. For example, a room with dimensions: L5m x W5m x H2.4m = 60m3. The Dust Blocker 450 has a maximum air flow of 450m3/hr, therefore the air in this size room will be cleaned 7.5 times an hour.


    Very large  or L-shaped rooms may  benefit from having multiple smaller units placed strategically in the working area.


    Adjustable flow rate allows air circulation to be adjusted according to the size of the room.



    Voltage -  110v or 240v.

    Power -  140W.

    Air flow – 450m3/hr.

    Maximum recommend room size – 150m3.

    Filters  G3 Pre-Filter, G4 Front Filter, G4 Main Hepa 13 Filter 99.95% filtration – equivalent to M class.

    Noise level – 59 dB(A).

    Dimensions – H420mm x W400 x D200.

    Weight – 10Kg


    Warranty – 2 years