Nilfisk VHS120FM Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Nilfisk

  • Nilfisk VHS120FM industrial vacuum cleaner, complete with M class filter and twin by-pass motors. 

    The Nilfisk VHS120FM is a large capacity, industrial rated vacuum cleaner; equipped with a high efficiency M class filter capable of capturing 99.9% of dust particulates derived from substances such as wood, MDF, chipboard, silica, repair fillers, plaster, concrete and metal.

    A vacuum gauge clearly visible on the vacuum head indicates air flow, visibly alerting the user to any blockages or drop in suction performance.

    Incredible suction power is generated by two by-pass motors. Traditional vacuum cleaners and mobile dust extractors typically use through-flow motors, which are cooled using the same air the vacuum is drawing through the extraction hose. A badly fitted or damaged filter can therefore allow this contaminated air into the motor causing irreparable damage. Through-flow motors can also overheat if there is reduced air coming into the motor because of a blocked hose, full filter bag or clogged filter. 

    By-pass motors on the otherhand, draw air into the motor independently of working air coming through the hose,  so only clean, cool air is used to keep the motor at an ambient working temperature. In a demanding environment this dramatically extends the life of the motor. 

    Dust or liquid is collected in a removeable 37 litre container which requires no bags. This makes the collection and disposal of large amounts of dust, far more economical when compared to disposable dust bags which have a much smaller capacity. The container can also easily be emptied using a hose from a central extraction system.

    Suitable for wet or dry applications. An optional manual liquid level sensor system is advisable, if the vacuum is to be used for extracting liquids on a regular basis.

    Fitted as standard with a manual filter shaker.

    The Nilfisk VH120FM industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for removing dust from workshop floors, around CNC routers and other fixed equipment, thus promoting a clean, tidy and healthier working environment. Vacuuming dust eliminates the harmful practise of sweeping which sends fine dust particles back into the air causing a respiratory hazard.


    Filter standard: M Class

    Rated Power: 2000W

    Air Flow Rate: 230V – 5500 l/min,  110V 4980 l/min

    Max Vacuum mbar: 210

    Sound Pressure Level dB(A) ISO 3744: 74

    Container Capacity Litres: 37

    Weight: 38 kgs

    Dimensions: H 1015mm x W 560mm x D 570mm