Optrel Vegaview 2.5 & E3000X PAPR package

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Optrel

  • The Optrel Vegaview 2.5 & E3000X PAPR package combines the Optrel Vegaview 2.5 welding helmet and E3000X TH3P rated PAPR system which is ideal for many welding applications.

    A high performance welding helmet and TH3 PAPR system, which offers comfort, productivity and safety to the welder in a single package. 

    Meets TH3 standards which only allow a maximum particulate ingress of 0.2%. Further protection from organic, inorganic, acid vapours and gases is also available by adding the optional A1B1E1 combination filter.

    Vegaview 2.5

    The Optrel Vegaview 2.5 PAPR ADF welding helmet 2.5/8-12 has a non-reactive shade level of just 2.5 delivering a new visual experience when in non-reactive light state. Using a revolutionary lens that is 4 X brighter than traditional auto darkening lenses, a much brighter view of the working environment and overall surroundings is achieved, improving safety and efficiency.

    Enjoy a detailed and true-colour view of the welding process at shade levels between 8-12.

    Damage from spatter and sparks laying on the lens during overhead welding are avoided, due to the deflective properties of the sphere shaped front cover lens.   

    Grind mode allows you to see your surroundings in light state 2.5 without the ADF activating.

    Outside adjustment of the shade level allows the shade levels to be adjusted during the welding process without the need to remove the helmet.

    Sensitivity function prevents the ADF lens from being prematurely activated in certain lighting environments or if a number of welders are working in close proximity.

    The comfort head band allows weight to be distributed evenly, reducing loads placed on the head and neck, improving comfort and reducing wearer fatigue. A patented eccentric adjustment feature allows the operator to increase or decrease the gap between the chin and mask reducing glare under the helmet.

    The patented sensor slide allows the detection angle to be reduced from 120° to 60° to prevent the ADF from responding to welding nearby.

    The opening delay function controls the shutter delay time after welding, helping to protect the welders eyes and reduce eye fatigue.

    Weighs only 689 grams.

    EN379 classification

    Optical class:1

    Scattered light:1


    Angular dependence:2

    Shade levels

    Non-reactive shade level: 2.5 – suitable for grinding applications.

    Variable shade levels: 8-12 

    E3000X PAPR

    Many tasks such as grinding, arc welding, routing and sanding, produce large amounts of fine dust particles, which can cause long term respiratory illnesses. Other applications such as spraying, painting or working with solvents can also be harmful and therefore need protecting against. When paired with the correct filter, the Optrel E3000X PAPR system is a highly effective, comfortable and economical solution for operators working in these environments where respiratory protection is essential.

    The Optrel E3000X powered air purifying respirator works by using a high powered motor to draw air through a high efficiency filter. Clean air is supplied to the operator through a breathing tube and compatible headtop from within the Optrel range. This positive pressure air delivery inside the selected headgear prevents any outside contaminants from entering, thus the wearer is protected. A major advantage of positive pressure air delivery is that it negates any face fit testing as the mask is not sealed to the face, breathing is also easier as the motor is pulling air through the filter and not the lungs. A continual flow of cooling air – up to 240 litres per minute, improves wearer comfort and increases productivity, especially during manual labour.

    Unlike many PAPR systems which work to the TH2P standard, allowing 2% of particulates to enter the mask, the Optrel range of powered air purifying respirators meet the highest level of dust and particulate protection available – TH3P. This elevated protection allows just 0.2% of particulate ingress offering 10 X better filtration when compared to some other powered respirators.

    During welding, an increase in ozone concentrations can cause an unpleasant odour resulting in headaches or even nausea, this can be alleviated by adding the optional Mountain Breeze odour filter or A1B1E1 combination filter.

    Should the pre or main filter become blocked during operation, an audible alarm is sounded and  the fan speed is reduced to the next lowest setting in order for immediate works to continue. Failure to address the saturated filter will eventually trigger a shut off device in the system.        

    Key features

    Up to 18 hours of battery life.

    Brushless motor.

    Very high air flow and long run time rates:

    Level 1: min. 170 l/min, 18 hours

    Level 2: min. 210 l/min, 16 hours

    Level 3: min. 240 l/min, 13 hours

    Spark trap and Pre-filter system dramatically reduces running costs by sparing the main filter from heavy contamination.

    Audible alarm alert: blocked filter and no filter inserted.

    Built in flow sensor negates a manual air flow check as with other PAPR systems.

    Weight: 1560 grams including filter, belt and battery.

    Included as Standard: Blower unit with hose, TH3P R SL Filter, 18h LI-ion Battery, Leather belt, Universal charger, Parking buddy, Optrel Vegaview 2.5 PAPR Welding helmet, Bag.

    Warranty: E3000X – 2 years from date of sales for manufacturing and material defects, 6 months warranty for battery.

    3 Years Warranty on all Optrel Welding Helmets excluding Batteries when registered.