Orbitalum GF6 Tube Cutting & Bevelling Machine

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Orbitalum

  • Combined with their ergonomic design the GF6 pipe saws offer significant advantages during the industrial prefabrication of pipeline systems. The basic requirements for producing high-quality welds on pipes (be it manually or with automated welding technology) is a precise perfectly square and burr free cut or bevelled pipe end. The GF 6 saws are designed to cut and bevel pipes in high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low- and unalloyed steel, plastics, cast materials and non-ferrous metals easily and in just seconds. The GF 6 saws use the "Planetary Cutting" method accompanied by high performance HSS blades. The powerful clamping system is designed to hold the workpiece securely but without any deformation of the workpiece.


    Stainless steel clamping attachments for protection against contact corrosion when working with high alloy steels.

    Two position clamping jaws to reduce chatter and enable smaller lengths of pipe to be cut.

    Optimized speed range 215 rpm), ideal for cutting high-performance materials such as Hastelloy®, P91, etc.

    An ergonomically-designed motor handle for a safe and comfortable operating position, which also enables easy cutting of certain pipe elbows.

    Integrated line laser to determine the exact cut-off point.

    Multifunctional tool for all adjustments on the machine, 1 tool = 5 functions: vice handle, clamping jaws, saw blades and bevel cutters, quick mounting plate, anti-theft protection.

    Swivel cable with a quick-disconnect coupler for easy replacement of the power cable.

    Optimized saw blade guard protects the user against flying chips.

    Pricing available on request for machines with modules for automatic cutting (AVM) or manual feed (MVM).

    Automatic feed module AVM, This intelligent solution continuously controls the cutting speed depending on the torque and the parameter settings. The AVM improves the handling of the GF 4 machines and stops automatically after the cutting process.

    Manual feed module MVM, This manually operated feed module facilitates the cutting and bevelling of pipes, with the use of a hand wheel. The machine head rotates easily and with minimal effort around the pipe with a constant feed.


    Cutting Capacities;

    Tube OD 21.3 to 168.3mm

                     0.839” – 6.626”

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 63 mm saw blade:30mm

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 2.480" saw blade: 1.181”

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 68 mm saw blade:25mm

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 2.677"saw blade: 0.984”

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 80 mm saw blade:13mm

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 3.150"saw blade: 0.512”

    Minimum Tube ID with Ø 100 mm saw blade: 0mm

    Minimum Tube ID with  Ø 3.937" saw blade: 0mm

    Wall thickness (Material Dependant) 1.5 to 15mm

                                                              0.059” – 0.591”

    Power: 1.8KW


    Electronic variable cutting speeds with restart inhibitor: 40 – 215rpm

    Approximate Noise level at the workplace: 79 dB (A)

    Vibration level (according to DIN EN 28662, part 1) < 2.5m/s2

    Dimensions (L x W x H)  574 x 352.7 x 920mm

                                           22.6” x 13.9” x 36.2”

    Approximate weight of machine: 92.7Kg


    Included as Standard: Transportation case, Set of stainless steel clamping attachments, Saw blade 790 043 018, Mounting plate, Tool set, Saw blade lubricant GF TOP 790 060 228, Special gear oil 790 041 030, Operating instructions and spare parts list.

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