Propane Super Heating Nozzles

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Product Overview

  • Propane heating is an ideal process for when large volumes of intense heat over a wide area are required, applications such as shaft bending or straightening,brazing or pre-heating prior to welding.

    H Type propane super heating nozzles are designed to be used on heavy duty shanks in conjunction with heavy duty propane mixer and super heating necks 11” or 27” long.

    These nozzles can also be used with NM type cutters and heavy duty cutting attachments in conjunction with NM super heating adaptor 29514

    The flame size and heat output of these nozzles will vary considerably with the pressure setting used, two typical alternatives are given for each size of nozzle.

    Heat output figures below are typically for heavy duty shank ,mixer and neck combinations, figures up to 20% higher will be achieved by using a NM type cutter with a superheating adapter.

    Used with oxygen/propane fuel gas.


    Size 1H = 72 000   – 163 000 btu/h 1

    Size 2H = 102 000 – 188 000 btu/h 1

    Size 3H = 183 000 – 361 000 btu/h 1

    Size 4H = 236 000 – 406 000 btu/h 1

    Size 5H = 250 000 – 618 000 btu/h 1