Thermal Dynamics SL60 & SL100 Plasma Torch Cutting Tips

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Product Overview

  • Genuine Thermal Dynamics cutting tips for use with both the SL60 and SL100 ‘1Torch’ Plasma Cutting Torches.


    Drag tips are the preferred method of cutting light gauge metal up to 6mm thickness.They produces the best cut quality with the narrowest kerf width and fastest cutting speeds,with little to no distortion.

    Traditional drag cutting was limited to 40 Amps or less, now with Thermal Dynamics True Cut Drag Tip Series technology, it is possible to cut up to 60 Amps. For best results use the shield cup with the torch tip

    in direct contact with the work up to 60 Amps.

    Stand off cutting tips are the preferred method of cutting metal thicker than 6mm and at current levels above 60 Amps. they provide maximum visibility and accessibility. Use shield cup for standoff cutting with the torch tip 3mm to 6 mm from the work piece.

    Gouging tips are a simple method of metal removal by angling the torch to a lead angle of 35°-45°, and using these tips. While maintaining a constant standoff distance, this allows for only a partial penetration into

    the work, thus removing metal from the surface. The amount of current, travel speed, standoff distance, lead angle, and tip size will determine the amount of material removed and the profile of the gouge. You

    can use the shield cup body with either the gouging shield cap or the shield deflector.