TIG Mop Anywhere Kit Cordless

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Craigtec

  • The Tig Mop is an innovative, safe and environment friendly weld cleaning alternative to pickling paste’s. The Tig Mop is designed to instantly clean weld burn on stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals with minimum fuss and maximum safety. Not only does Tig Mop remove stain, but it also passivates the metal surface returning it to its original state and finish using an electro-polishing technique, which is both cost effective and safe.




    This compact cordless machine can be taken everywhere and anywhere, no power no problem, simply charge and go. With state of the art lithium cells and up to the minute control technology the Anywhere is a must have for all types of work onsite, ideal for balustrade and stairs with no trailing power leads to hinder the job.

    With infinite power control the Anywhere’s power cells can last up to 8 hours and be fully charged in under 3 hours.

    TIG Mop Anywhere cleans and passivates stainless steel welds as well as copper and other non-ferrous metals by means of an instantaneous electrochemical reaction.

    Many companies are turning to this electro cleaning system due to its enhanced passivation qualities, the process is instant no waiting around for hours for harsh chemicals to take effect.

    For the very best results only use with CE-15 cleaning solution which gives the required electrochemical reaction.

    CE-15 does not contain Hydrofluoric, Nitric or Sulphuric Acids, so waste pollutants are eliminated which avoids the costly procedure of disposal or treatment processes. Thanks to the elimination of harsh acids the TIG Mop can be used almost anywhere.

    Tig Mop leaves no residue stains or white cloud marks and the surface passivation means the metal is corrosion resistant as before welding.

    TIG Mops retractable brush prevents wasted cleaning solution, this configuration means one tip does all with no need for changing electrodes.


    Due to the Tig Mop’s versatility it is an ideal tool for not only simple structures, but also complicated intricate components all with the same brush.


    Infinite control over power of the unit gives the user has full control.

    TIG Mop Anywhere can be used on both the shop floor or out on site without the need for a special pickling area, due to the size and weight of the TIG Mop Anywhere, it can be easily transported and used for almost every job.


    Included as Standard: TIG Mop Anywhere, Mop Wand complete with 3 meter leads, Work return lead and 1 litre of Cleaning Solution.

    1 Years Warranty on the TIG Mop.