Trafimet Ergofresh 200G Fume Extraction MIG Torch

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Trafimet

  • Workers safety is one of most important factors in the welding industry and can also be one of the most problematic to resolve. A single welding operation can generate up to 40 grams of airborne fumes and nano particulates into the working environment every hour. The Trafimet Ergofresh range of torches have been designed to help satisfy the demand for better welding safety and also eliminate the problems welders often encounter with traditional fume extraction torches. The extraction efficiency for all of the Trafimet Ergofresh models has been measured according to new ISO 21904 standard. Under this standard, the Trafimet Ergofresh torches removed up to 94% of welding fumes directly as they were generated and well before they reached the welder’s breathing area.  

    With the Trafimet Ergofresh range of fume extraction MIG torches, a welder and their colleagues now have the possibility of breathing clean air created during the welding process, rather than the contaminated air normally created during the welding process.


    In addition to enjoying clean air, the ergonomics has been the leading principle to the design of the Trafimet Ergofresh handle from start to finish. The Trafimet Ergofresh range guarantees optimum ergonomics and has been designed to fit the natural positioning of the human hand. 

    Not only does the Ergofresh handle offer the welder the optimum in ergonomics, but it is also equipped with a sliding bypass lid. The bypass lid is located directly under the welder’s thumb whilst holding the torch with the standard handle. The bypass lid can easily slide back when welding in tight inner conners where there could be a risk of inadvertently vacuuming away the shield gas with the fumes. With effortless use of the bypass lid, means the welder can easily regulate the amount of vacuum when required and thus avoid any possible welding defects.

    Another key features to the ergonomic design of the Trafimet Ergofresh fume extraction torches is a detachable pistol grip handle. When welding using a traditional handle, the welders’ shoulder and elbow muscles are subject to constant stress. With the pistol grip handle the shoulder and elbow position is completely different and the muscle strength load is reduced by 25–64% (EMG-measurements were made the independent specialist company- Myontec)  depending on the welding position. The pistol grip can easily be detached with just one click and no additional tools required. Due to its compact size, the pistol grip can be conveniently stored in the welders’ pocket. The pistol grip is supplied in every standard torch package.

    Trafimet Ergofresh torches have been fitted with a fully sealed microswitch trigger. This feature eliminates the problems normally associated with a traditional mechanical trigger, which are often open and exposed to ingress from dirt, dust, and humidity. This makes the Trafimet Ergofresh torches ever more reliable than torches that are fitted with a mechanical trigger. The micro switch is also IP67 rated, a much higher standard than other electrical components found on other torches, ensuring a long service life and reduced down time through poor reliability.

    The Trafimet Ergofresh consumables are extremely robustness and offer the maximum in performances with extremely long service life. With the exclusion of the gas nozzles, the Ergofresh consumables are also compatible with Trafimet Ergoplus range of torches. The Ergofresh nozzle and vacuum nozzle (welding without the vacuum nozzle must be prevented) can be replaced separately and these parts help fulfil the requirements of ISO 21904 

    The hose package on the Ergofresh consists of a flexible vacuum hose covered by leather sheath. Leather sheath is extremely durable against cuts from sharp edges and corners. It helps ensure that the vacuum hose does not get damaged and also provides smooth movement of the hose as the welder goes about their work. The flexible vacuum hose is connected to the handle of the Ergofresh with a ball joint, with a special structure which is designed to avoid leakages.

    The Ergofresh torches are fitted with a standard euro connector, and they also have a special designed Y-connector for attaching the vacuum hose. The design allows the hose connection to be rotated freely around through 360°. The standard vacuum connector on the euro block is 50 mm diameter but adapters for 45 mm and 60 mm diameter are also available as accessories.