Trend H/JIG/C Two-Part Skeleton Contractor Hinge Jig Kit

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Product Overview

Manufacturer: Trend

  • Trend H/JIG/C is a two-part aluminium extrusion contractor jig for recessing hinges in wooden doors and frames, when used in conjunction with a plunge router or trimmer.  

    Easy to use with minimal set-up time, completing the job quickly and accurately.

    Can be used on-site or in joinery workshops, to increase productivity.

    Fully adjustable quick-release apertures for fire door requirements and renovation work.

    Ideal for fitting a new door in an old frame – whether it be internal or external doors.

    No need for marking out in the conventional way.

    Quick and simple to set-up as the hinge is used as the pattern.

    Clean and accurate recesses are achieved every time.

    Suitable for timber based doors and square butt hinges.

    Adjustable edge guides with three pre-set hinge widths: 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.

    Use with any ¼” router and 12mm diameter long reach straight router cutter.

    Supplied with a 16mm template guide – certain makes and models of router may require a Unibase to accept the guide bush.

    Trend recommend using the GB160 16mm template guide bush with a 10mm spigot length.

    Most makes and models of router can be used with a Trend UNIBASE to accept the Trend range of template guide bushes for optimum accuracy.

      Hinge sizes possible:

    Length min/max: 67mm or 2 5/8” / 127mm or 5”

    Width min/max: 12.7mm or ½” / 35mm or 1 3/8”

    Maximum width in 35mm rebate: 23mm

    Maximum width in 44mm rebate: 32mm

    Door sizes possible:

    Height min/max: 1956mm or 6′ 5" / 2100mm or 6′ 10"

    Thickness min/max: 16mm or 5/8" / 51mm or 2”

    Hinge Jig Specification:

    Edge stops thickness: 6mm

    Jig overall length: 1956 mm

    Plate thickness: 3mm

    Fixed stop maximum thickness: 25mm (max. hinge leaf width is 22mm / 35mm doors)

    Weight: 2.9kg

    Included as Standard: 3 x aperture block assemblies, 4 x bradawls, 16mm guide bush & fabric storage case.


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