Tungsten Electrodes – 2% Thoriated

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Product Overview

  • Thoriated tungsten electrodes are generally used for DC electrode negative or straight polarity applications

        Ideal for use on materials such as carbon & stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium, they operate well even when overload with extra amperage and improve the performance of welding.


        The Thorium used in 2% thoriated tungsten’s is a radioactive element and therefore can be dangerous to the health of those exposed to it and to the environment. It is an alpha emitter, however when

        it is inside a tungsten electrode rod, it is enclosed in a tungsten matrix and so there is little radiation emitted externally.


        The main risk to the welder occurs in the ingestion of the material. this occurs primarily during the inhalation of dust caused during grinding of tips for welding, but also to a lesser extent during

        breathing of any  fumes released during welding.

            Colour coded Red.