Valmy Spireor FFP3 Fold Flat Safety Face Mask – Box of 25

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Product Overview

  • The Valmy Spireor FFP3 face mask offers maximum protection by filtering over 99% of particles as well as providing effortless breathing – approximately half the resistance during inhalation compared to competitors masks.   

    Unlike many FFP3 masks that have to rely on a plastic, air exit valve to reduce heat build-up and condensation inside the mask,  Spireor uses a unique fabric which allows air breathed out by the wearer to easily pass through with very little resistance, maintaining wearer comfort without the need for a valve. 

    The valveless design of Spireor masks means air breathed in and out is filtered, providing protection to the user and other people that are in close proximity; this is in contrast to masks with a valve which allow potentially contaminated air to be released by the wearer, straight into the atmosphere.    

    The revolutionary non-woven filtration fabric makes breathing effortless, either in or out.

    When inhaling, the whole filtering material creates an effective barrier against solid and liquid particles and purifies inhaled air with virtually no resistance.

    When exhaling, the very large surface area of the mask makes breathing out considerably easier.

    Valveless design means exhaled air is also highly filtered, offering protection to other people in the surrounding area and also reduces plastic waste.

    The mask’s unique shape and horizontal crease help to make it completely airtight providing an excellent seal to the face. Soft elastic straps bring it snug against the face without pulling your hair or pinching skin.

    Incredibly light, weighs under 6 grammes.

    The adjustable nose piece allows the mask to fit many different face shapes and reduces misting of spectacles.

    Individually packed for hygiene and a shelf life of 3 years from date of manufacture.

    Manufactured in Europe for consistent certified quality.

    Highest level of dust protection-FFP3, filters over 99% of particles.

    Effective against COVID-19.

    FFP3 stands for – filtering facepiece meeting P3 classification. Although commonly referred to as masks, they are in fact respirators which are designed to provide a better seal to the face and offer much higher levels of filtration compared to simple face masks i.e. surgical masks and reusable basic face coverings.

    The P3 classification requires filtration of at least 99% of airborne particles. 

    Comparison studies conducted using a bioaerosol of the influenza virus showed that a well fitted respirator reduced exposure levels by at least 100 fold compared to just 6 fold when using a simple surgical mask.

    Dolomite test approved.  (An optional test for manufacturers which subjects the mask to continuous exposure of very fine Dolomite dust to determine how resistant the mask is to clogging. Respirators which pass the Dolomite clogging test are proven to provide a more comfortable breathing level and can be worn over long periods, even at high levels of dust concentration).

    Conforms to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 providing protection against harmful materials in concentrations up to 50 x OEL or 20 x APF.

    Also conforms to NF EN 14683:2006 (European Directive 93/42/CEE) which permits use as a surgical mask.

    NHS approved.