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Richard's Story

Festool With You Everyday

Richards’ Story


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Richard Wagner has been working in the construction and woodworking industry for around 16 years. Over the years he’s worked in a wide variety of different roles. He worked for a company building outdoor play areas to studying fine joinery furniture making, then on to owning his own construction business alongside running his own woodworking workshop. At the River Shop, he teaches others and shares his passion for carpentry with the general public.

Teaching people the basics gives them the opportunity to be creative, this is what Richard enjoys the most. Teaching, being your own boss and the Festool organisation provide Richard with a perfect work-life balance.

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“I have a lot of students come in that have small workshops giving compliments about all the tools on the shelves, but I haven’t met anyone as enthusiastic as me about Festool. I hope to pass the enthusiasm to my students.”

“I started using Festool for its durability. On the construction site I saw tools breaking almost every day, Festool was different. My first few purchases were the track saw and a dust extractor. This was to keep clients happy and have a safe working environment”.


Richard Wagner

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