Milwaukee 18V Cordless Plunge Saw [2024]

Back in June 2022, Milwaukee announced they were launching their first-ever cordless track saw. Details were a little sketchy, but now we have more information – including the official UK launch date [Edit – Launched February 2023]. In this blog, we’re going to cover:

  • What are the benefits of the Milwaukee Plunge Track Saw?
  • Milwaukee Plunge Saw Release Date
  • What are the features of the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw?
  • What are the specifications of the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw?
  • How does the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw Perform?
  • Does the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw work with other guide rails?
  • Which is the best Cordless Plunge Saw?

What are the benefits of the Milwaukee Plunge Track Saw?

The impressive Milwaukee 18V cordless circular saw line-up features a wide range of wood and metal cutting tools, but there was always a gap in the range for a plunge cutting track saw. The benefit of a plunge-action saw means the blade can be plunged into the material you are cutting at any point, as opposed to having to start the cut at the edge of the workpiece. This allows the user to carry out tasks where an aperture needs to be cut, in kitchen worktops for example – essential when installing undermounted sinks or hobs. The enclosed blade is also much safer and significantly improves dust extraction efficiency. When used in conjunction with a guide rail, the operator can perform perfectly straight and accurate cuts, every time.   

Milwaukee Plunge Saw Release Date

Milwaukee is launching its first-ever plunge track saw in the UK, in early February 2023.  

The M18 FPS55 18V Cordless Plunge Saw features their highest performing FUEL brushless motor, which has the performance and speed rate of equivalent AC mains plunge saws. Supplied in a Milwaukee Packout XL box and compatible with the Milwaukee Packout modular storage system, the M18 Milwaukee Plunge Saw can be purchased as a body-only tool, or complete with two 18V 5.5Ah High Output batteries and a charger.  

It’s worth noting that Milwaukee recommends using their High Output batteries for any ‘high-drain’ power tools, such as circular saws, to avoid the battery thermal overload protection kicking in.  

A new range of Milwaukee guide rails and accessories is also being launched at the same time as the new Milwaukee M18 FPS55 cordless plunge saw. 

What are the features of the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw?

The Milwaukee M18 FPS55 FUEL Plunge Saw has a flat-sided blade guard, which can be used as a guide against a wall or floor. The cutting line is only 12mm from the outer edge of the guard – perfect for expansion joints in wooden floors or trimming doors in situ.  

A cut line ‘window’ on the side of the saw, lets the user see the front of the blade when making cuts. The scoring stop facility allows a 1mm back cut to be made in the workpiece, minimising any chipping or splintering in laminated materials. The bevel adjustment has stops at 0°, 22.5°, 45°, and 48°, plus a useful -1° undercut setting, for producing visibly tight joints with a splinter-free finish – ideal for joining worktops.  

A clever safety feature of the plunge saw is the easy blade change system, that not only locks the saw blade in position when loosening the blade flange but also eliminates the possibility of an accidental start-up.  

The Milwaukee M18 FPS55 has been designed for optimal dust extraction, due to the enclosed guard – compatible with most vacuum dust extractors, and the saw is also supplied with a convenient dust bag as standard. 

What are the specifications of the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw?

The Milwaukee M18 FPS55 cordless track saw features a 165mm thin kerf sawblade, with an anti-friction coating. The M18 FPS55 code suggests the saw can cut depths of 55mm, but the information provided by Milwaukee has confirmed the maximum cutting depth at zero degrees is 59mm, or 54mm when used on the guide rail. The depth adjustment has two scales – one for on the rail and the other with no rail, so you can easily select the required cutting depth. 

Cutting capacity at 45 degrees is 44mm, or 42mm when used on the guide rail. These impressive cutting capacities cover most common applications and even allow the saw to be used when creating a kitchen worktop waterfall edge design, or mitred end, where the countertop continues at right angles and flows down to the floor.  

The full specification of the Milwaukee M18 FPS55 is as follows.  

Blade Diameter: 165mm  

Blade Bore Size: 20mm  

Variable Speed: 2,500 – 5,600 rpm  

Max. Cutting Depth at 0°: 59mm/54mm with guide rail  

Max. Cutting Depth at 45°: 44mm/42mm with guide rail  

Bevel Range: -1° to 48°  

How does the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw Perform?

The Milwaukee M18 FPS55 M18 Plunge Saw is part of the highest-performing Milwaukee FUEL range of cordless power tools, which often outperform comparable AC mains tools. Milwaukee declares that the saw is capable of effortlessly cutting 50mm oak – one of the hardest wood materials to cut. In terms of runtimes, Milwaukee managed to cut 45 meters of 19mm plywood, using a single fully charged 18V 5.5Ah battery pack… that’s pretty impressive  

Does the Milwaukee 18V Plunge Saw work with other guide rails?

M18 Plunge Saw working with different brand guide rails

For optimum performance and accuracy, the Milwaukee M18 FPS55 18V Cordless Plunge Saw can be used with a range of Milwaukee guide rails – available in various lengths. But is the Milwaukee cordless plunge saw compatible with the Festool guide rail system or vice-versa, are the Festool plunge saws compatible with the Milwaukee guide rail system? The good news is that both brands work in conjunction with each other’s rail profiles, and they can even be joined together with a guide rail connector bar, for cutting extra long lengths.

In fact, the latest Milwaukee guide rails not only work with Festool plunge saws, but also other brands including Makita and Metabo – not forgetting the wider range of Milwaukee guide rail compatible circular saws, including the M18 FCSG66 190mm circular saw and the M18 FMCS66 203mm metal cutting saw.

Which is the best Cordless Plunge Saw?

This is a tricky question to answer, as most professional power tool brands produce a credible cordless plunge saw these days. The Mafell MT55 18M BL and Festool TSC 55 have often been regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cordless track saws, and there’s no doubt that both are fabulous power tools. Makita, with their DSP600 plunge saw, and the Metabo KT18 LTX machine are also reliable and accurate options. Track record suggests the Milwaukee M18 FPS55 will not disappoint, finally filling what was a gaping hole in their 18V cordless platform.   

See our range of M18 FPS55 18V Plunge Saw kits below.

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Author: Craig Sanders Joint Managing Director Protrade


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