Mafell Cordless PS 2-18 Jigsaw Coming Soon...

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Mafell Cordless PS 2-18 Jigsaw Coming Soon, Online & in Depots

Mafell is due to release the PS 2-18 Jigsaw shortly. We will have them available in our depots and online when they are released, make sure to fill out the form below to be alerted when more information is announced as well as any other Mafell news and offers.

✅ Limits are there to be overcome. With its powerful battery drive, the PS 2-18 performance jigsaw goes to completely new places and leaves no room for compromises when it comes to precision, power, and comfort. It offers all the advantages of the MAFELL jigsaw concept and sets the bar even higher with Ergo-Balance and its smart light management. For everyone who places the highest demands on their work.

✅ From the innovative saw blade holder to its extremely powerful drive, the PS 2-18 is designed for precise right-angle cuts – in all areas of application.

✅ Thanks to its ergonomic design, the soft-grip surfaces, and the clever weight distribution, the PS 2-18 can be optimally guided even in difficult working positions and fits perfectly in the hand. The wide base plate and the low centre of gravity allow it to rest securely and always at a right angle on the workpiece.

✅ With its versatile special accessories, the PS 2-18 is the optimal solution for almost every situation. A clear practical advantage: the circle cutter, rip fence and guide rail adapter are combined in a single, sophisticated accessory.

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